led parking lot lights

Why choose parking lot lights?

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Now parking lots are everywhere, parking lot has become an essential part of a city. With the rapid development of economy, more and more people own their cars. Parking lots can keep cars in the city running well, this shown, the importance of parking lot lighting is self-evident. Ensuring the safety of property and personnel is the primary task of parking lot target lighting.  

Parking lot lighting design

Reasonable lighting design is very important to improve the uniformity of lighting. The lighting effect of the parking lot is completely different due to different lighting methods. LED lights and HID lights are common choices for parking lots. Compared with HID lights, it is more efficient and of higher quality. Not only that, because they illuminate in a larger position, they have an excellent color rendering index. The color temperature of LED parking lot lights is 4000K~5000K. You can choose the color temperature that suits you according to different needs. When you compare the LED parking lot lights with the previous HID lights, the LED parking lot lights will be more attractive regardless of whether they are close or far. Because they never glare, flicker or buzz.

LED parking lot lights are parking lot lamps made using light-emitting diode(LED) technology. LED technology can save a lot of energy and provide higher quality light.

led parking lot lighting

Reasons for using LED parking lights

Many business owners still think that led parking lights are too expensive. But, when you start comparing initial investments, you will find that led pole lights are actually more competitive than most traditional parking lot lights. In addition, led lighting has the advantages of energy saving, durability, long life and reduced maintenance costs. From a long-term perspective, the price of led parking lot lights is much cheaper.

LED technology is also good for the environment because it can reduce carbon emissions and eliminate harmful substances commonly found in HID, such as mercury or lead. The LED optics and housing with IP66 protection level ensure that our lamps can be well protected under any circumstances, and are completely sealed to prevent dust, dirt, and humidity.

Even though we call them parking lot lights, they are actually lights in the target area. We can also use them for flood lighting or sports lighting applications.

Bright and reliable lighting

XSY Lighting’s latest parking lot light can get good feedback from customers, this is because this parking lot light has a very complete range of power, 80W, 100W, 150W, 200W, 250W, 320W are available for selection and can be applied In parking lot, Stadiums, General road lighting, Residential area, Yard park and other application places.

led parking lot lighting

Not only can it be installed on a round bar, but it can also be installed on the wall, ceiling, or ground using a separate bracket. When you use the adjustable U-bracket and rotating arm, the LED parking lot lights can also be used as a landscape application. When illuminating large signs or illuminating the facade of the building, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that this LED parking lot With the help of U-bracket and rotating arm, the lamp shines its light most vividly.

These durable and anti-corrosion LED parking lights will emit 11,600 to 46,400 lumens depending on the luminaire. You do n’t need to worry about the loss of money because LED parking lights consume less than half the energy used by HID luminaires. The LED light has a 7 years worry-free warranty. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us, we will assist you to deal with all problems correctly.

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LED Parking lot light

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