LED Parking Lot Lights, LED Area Light Fixtures

Our led parking lot lights feature high lumen, bright lighting suitable for parking lots, parks, campuses, warehouses, or any other large area. As a 10-year lighting manufacturer with production and R&D capabilities, we are confident in providing you with the most cost-effective led parking lot lights and the most professional lighting solutions. Hand10 is the latest model, its wattage selectable function can save SKU and reduce reserve pressure. Additionally, our led area lights are all DLC 5.1 Premium listed and will be eligible for utility rebates.

LED Area Lighting - Icecrown 9

  • Power (watt): 80W-100W-150W-200W-250W-320W
  • Voltage: AC120-347V/277-480V
  • Light efficacy: 145 lumen per watt
  • Beam angle: 90° / TypeⅢ / TypeⅤ
  • Intelligent control: Photocell / Microwave / PIR sensor / Smart Lora control
  • IP rating: IP66, IK 10
  • SP: 10Kv or 20Kv surge protection
  • Warranty: 7 years

LED Parking Lot Lighting - Hand 10

  • Single Power: 80W, 100W, 150W, 200W, 240W, 310W
  • Wattage selectable: (80/100/120/150)W, (170/200/220/240)W, (240/260/280/310)W
  • Voltage: AC100-277V/347V/480V
  • Light efficacy: 150 lumen per watt
  • Beam angle: Type Ⅲ /  Type Ⅳ  / Type Ⅴ
  • Intelligent control: Photocell / PIR Motion Sensor
  • IP rating: IP66
  • SP: 10Kv or 20Kv surge protection
  • Mount Arm: Square & Round Pole Mount, Slip Fitter Mount, Wall Mount, Trunnion Mount, Universal Bracket Mount, Adjustable Square & Round Pole Mount
  • Warranty: 5 years

Solar parking lot lights

solar led parking lot lights

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    LED Parking Lot Lights: Definitive guide

    How to buy LED parkinglot lights?

    As professional lighting led service company, we definitely consider these for you.

    1. How many lumens do you need to light a parking lot?

    When designing this series of products, we considered the problem of MH light replacement for our customers. So led area lights produce from 4200 lumens to 46,400 lumens is equivalent to 150 watts to 1000 watts.

    Traditional Parking Lot Lamp LED Parking Light - Lumens (100% directional)
    Replace 150 Watt HPS / Metal Halide 5,000 lumens
    Replace 250 Watt 10,000-12,000 lumens
    Replace 400 Watt 15,000-25,000 lumens
    Replace 1000 Watt 36,000-55,000 lumens

    If you want to buy led light fixtures for a new parking lot, please contact us to provide you with the best lighting solution.


    2. How to configure the mounting bracket for led area lights

    Learning how to install luminaires on existing utility poles and walls is critical to converting to LEDs. You can install one, two, four, or more shoebox lights on the head of the pole easy to meet the lighting in the area. The slip fitter can be inserted directly into the top of the round-pole and supports angle adjustment. If you want to install it on a square-pole? The extruded arm can be implemented. Of course, if you also want to have an angle adjustment, then choose to add a slip fitter+extruded arm. Surface mounts like U brackets can be used as flood light. Therefore, consider using it when your traditional fixture is near the wall. With the extra mounting bracket, there is no need to remove the pole, and it is more cost-effective to repeat the existing pole.

    parking lot light accessories


    3. Which light distribution is more suitable?

    The LED area light is mainly used for general area lighting that requires high output light. The typical light distribution options for DLC area led light are 90°,Type II, Type III, Type IV, Type V (as shown in the figure). 90 °, TypeIII, and TypeV are the most popular distributions. TypeIII light distribution is used for road lighting, general parking lots, and other place requiring a larger lighting area. The V-shaped circular light distribution has the same intensity at all angles. It is suitable for installing lamps at or near the center of the road, the central island of the road, and the intersection. It is also suitable for large commercial car park lighting and areas that require sufficient, evenly distributed light. Another factor to determine the appropriate LED pole light fixture is the mounting height, anywhere from close 10 feet to 50 feet.

    led area light beam angles


    Why is it named parking lot & area lighting?

    Parking lot lighting is a general term used to describe outdoor lighting that is easy mounted on a light pole and stands on the ground in outdoor parking-lots, sidewalks, driveways, streets, and around buildings(like shopping mall, warehouse). This type of outdoor illumination is typically used for commercial arealight application used by vehicles and people. If the product connect to photocells for dusk to dawn illumination will also save fixtures led energy. The most common attribute is to attach the luminaire to the poles. Sometimes a light post is not limited to installing a regional fixture, but two, four, or even more. LED parking lot lights with DLC listed were born from the quality demand of parking area lighting, its main purpose is to improve safety and provide security. As we all know, the exterior parkinglot especially needs bright fixtures at night. Why have these quality requirements?  The led area light fixture can offer the driver with timely direction identification and identification of other vehicles passing by, and enhance the confidence of pedestrians getting on and off in the everning. The security guard needs sufficient light to detect suspicious activity with surveillance cameras. The hiding place of the prisoner can be reduced only if the area is illuminated with sufficient light and no dark spots.

    Why parking lot lights led are better than HID lamps?

    LED parking lot light fixture

    LED, light-emitting diodes, are solid-state semiconductor devices that directly convert electricity into light. The high quality LEDs light source has the advantages of using a low-voltage power source, low energy consumption, strong applicability, super stability, short response time, no pollution to the environment, and multi-color light emission. LED parking lot light fixtures ideal for the parking lot, lane, or any other commercial area lighting. XSY offers the lights led wattage ranges of similar MH lamps in each lumen range.


    At present, high-pressure sodium lamps, (fluorescent) high-pressure mercury lamps, xenon lamps, and metal halide lamps are all HID lamps. They all have similar characteristics. Among them, bright MH lamps are the most common in cart parking lots, roads, and other area applications. 540 watt metal halide equal 300 watt parking lot fixtures -Icecrown9.  The metal halide bulb has a light output (65-100lm/w), long lifetime (15,000-25,000 hours), good color rendering (RA>80), compact structure, and stable property. It combines the advantages of other HIDs to overcome the drawbacks of these lamps and brings together the main advantages of gas discharge sources. However, it is also the same. The filler in the light contains mercury and metal halides. Some of these substances are harmful substances. Inadvertent handling can cause pollution to the production environment and damage the health of workers. When the arc tube is exhausted, a trace amount of mercury vapor is discharged, and if it is not handled properly, it is directly discharged into the atmosphere. When the light used is broken, it will pollute the environment.


    1 CRI >80 70-95
    2 Startup time 15-30 mins immediately
    3 Light decay low high
    4 Calorific value high middle(have heat sink)
    5 Ballast yes no
    6 Light effect 65-100lm/w 140-145lm/w
    8 Light source bright, disperse bright, centralized
    9 Lifetime 15,000-25,000 hours 60,000-100,000 hours
    10 Environmental protection no yes
    11 Shockproof no IK 10
    12 Flicker yes no
    13 Energy consumption 100% 20%
    14 Beam angle no 90°, TypeⅡ, Ⅲ, Ⅳ, Ⅴ
    16 Price cheap expensive
    17 Intelligent mode no Photocell/Microwave/PIR transducer
    18 Maintenance frequent almost not
    19 Installation pole mount pole/wall mount
    20 Bulbs broke yes no
    21 IP rated no IP66
    22 Warranty 1-2 year 5-7 year

    In conclusion, although the price of LED parking lot light is more expensive than HID lamps, many customers select to maintain traditional lamps in retrofit kits instead of replacing them. Area lights LEDs do not fade quickly and turn yellow over time like the old light fixture system. It maintains color temperature for many years to provide you with long-lasting and better quality lighting. With the rapid development of technology, XSY lighting has been able to improve performance while reducing the price of LEDs products, we are pursuing the sale of lamps that satisfy the customer. Please think carefully, HID price is cheap, but you have to replace the ballast and light bulbs frequently, which is undoubtedly increased repair costs in the later period. While shoebox led light fixture is expensive to buy, they require little repair. And with the DLC products listed/premium, you can also get money saving discounts from American utilities. They actually saving more money. They are the best replacement for replacing HPS&MH from 250 watts to 1000 watts. In the long run, led parking lot light lighting solutions to win.

    Features: HID vs LED

    Tips and Suggestions to purchase LED area lights

    1. Determine the lumens you need. Wattage (W) is the actual amount of energy used, and lumen (lm) stands for brightness
    2. Focus on the driver. In this section, XSY lighting offers you an excellent driver for a quick startup. Meanwell driver, Sosen driver, and Inventronics driver for option. We can also provide you with an additional choice of lightning protectors, which are 10KV to 20KV.
    3. Color temperature (CCT) also needs to distinguish, when it comes to LEDs colors, a low color temperature indicates a warm white, while a medium temperature produces a neutral white, and a high temperature produces a bright and cool white.
    4. Beam Angle: this represents the light of the lens and the direction of the controlled emission. Thinner beam angles mean denser spots of light and a smaller area of illumination.
    5. Decide if you need a photocell or not. Dusk to dawn sensors on the light help conserves energy.

    Replacing or upgrading existing parking lights seems costly, but it's not affordable. Car park lighting systems installed more than a decade ago may use inefficient MH lamps, and the short life of a bulb makes it more expensive to maintain. In fact, longer service life, save utility costs and lower maintenance costs also provide a good return on investment for LED lighting options, which can quickly offset your replacement costs.


    When deciding whether to switch to LED parking lot lights a replacement or stick as to traditional light sources, lighting quality is extremely important and often overlooked. Before doing this, you must be clear about whether your current lamp can properly illuminate your space. As long as you need a solution for your lighting project, you need to give us the layout, and XSY will show the Dialux scheme for you.

    Get in touch with us at XSY (10 years trade experience as led light manufacturer and supplier in China, earn great favorable reviews from the customer), find the perfect way to light up parking lots of any size and save DLC listed parking lot lights cost!

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