LED Parking Lot Lights with Photocell

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Are you still turning on and off the LED parking lot lights manually? Using a photocell will free you from it, it can automatically adjust the lights fixtures.

What is photocell led parking lot lights?

LED parking lot lights with photocell mean that the lamps have added sensors, which has also called Duck to down led parking lot lights. This intelligent light fixture can recognize day or night. When the sky turns dark and the sun sets, the lights will automatically turn on. When the sky returns to light or the sun rises, they go out at dawn.

Because photocells sense the intensity of ambient light, they automatically adapt to seasonal changes in the day/night cycle and are not affected by daylight saving time. When the photocell that controls the external lighting is combined with the opening of the internal fixtures, it will automatically light up when you are away, which will prevent intruders.

How do photocells work? Photocells have embedded technology that reacts after detecting varying light levels. When we set 50lux as the induction value, if the illuminance exceeds this lux value, the fixture will go out. Below, the lighting fixture turns on again.

Why parking lot Lights with photocell?

  • Employees free their hands, and you do n’t need to spend money to hire employees to manually turn on the parking lot lighting.
  • To save energy, when lighting is not needed to improve the field of vision, they will not control the lighting to turn on.
  • To improve safety, the parking lot lights with photocell can be turned on automatically when you forget or cannot turn on the lights so that criminals can't get close.
  • Attract customers, bright and safe areas, customers will want to patronize more.

These parking lot lighting fixtures require minimal maintenance and can be easily obtained at an affordable price. They don't need to be managed because they automatically turn on when the sun goes down and turn off automatically at dawn. The lights are very popular among parking lot lights, and it is important to turn on automatically before the parking lot lights dim.

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