• 105W, 165W, 225W, 300W
  • AC120-277V / 277-480V/100-347V
  • 5 years warranty
  • Integrated housing, no need assembly
  • Easy mounting with chain, you can also choose pendant or surface mounting
  • 1-10V dimming function, microwave sensor and emergency battery backup available
  • DLC, UL, CE, SAA, certificate


    type A led linear high bay specification mobile version 1
    type A led linear high bay specification mobile version 2
    Model Power Lumen Input Voltage Efficacy Beam angle CCT Working Temperature CRI Size(mm)
    XSY-LHB2P105W-XXK-YA-EF 105W 13650  






















    -25°C to 45°C






    XSY-LHB2P165W-XXK-YA-EF 165W 21450 585X320X73
    XSY-LHB2P225W-XXK-YA-EF 225W 29250 585X320X73
    XSY-LHB4P165W-XXK-YA-EF 165W 15750 1170X320X73
    XSY-LHB4P225W-XXK-YA-EF 225W 24750 1170X320X73
    XSY-LHB4P300W-XXK-YA-EF 300W 33750 1170X320X73
    XSY-LHB2P105W-XXK-HV-YA-EF 105W 13650  


    XSY-LHB2P165W-XXK-HV-YA-EF 165W 21450 585X320X73
    XSY-LHB4P225W-XXK-HV-YA-EF 225W 29250 1170X320X73
    XSY-LHB4P300W-XXK-HV-YA-EF 300W 39000 1170X320X73

    Type A LED Linear High Bay

    Type A Led linear high bay not only affordable but also of guaranteed quality, its durable, rugged fixtures deliver bright, white, uniform light over 140lm/w, maximizing energy and practical discounts. Led linear high bay up to 54,000 hours of rated life significantly reduces maintenance labor and material costs during light life. Already have UL, DLC certification.  2ft, 4ft led linear high bay available.

    Type A led Linear high bay features
    • Motion sensor

      AC120-277V sensor; DC12V Sensor (Used for AC120-347V/AC277-480V)

    • Housing

      Integrated enclosure design

    • Emergency Backup

      UL Listed, 90 min, suitable for different size EM backup, installed inside

    • LED Driver

      Class 2, Class P driver  AC120-277V, AC120-347V, AC277-480V optional

    • Paint

      Highly Reflective Metal Paint, achieve optimal appearance design

    Installation methods

    Chain Installation

    chain installation 1
    chain installation 2
    1. Hook the chain
    2. Insert the hook into the led linear high bay light slotted holes as shown
    3.  Hook up the chain on the ceiling anchor
    4. Turn off the power, then make wiring
      Connections with terminal cap
    5. Insert the terminal cap and wire
      into the driver box
    6.  Insert the wire terminal joint
      to the wire entry

    Surface Mounting installation

    surface installation2
    surface installation 1
    1. Drill the hole according to the size of
      the bracket and insert the plastic
      expansion tube.
    2. Use a hammer to drive the nylon
      expansion tube into the drilled
      the hole in the wall.
    3. Use the tool to open 4 holes at the
      top, and then fix the ceiling bracket
    4. Remove the iron piece for easy
    5. Lift the lamp into the bracket, align the side holes, and lock the M5 screws.
    6. Wiring L, N, E into the terminal block. Fasten the two end caps on the ceiling bracket and lock theM4 screw 1pcs.

    Pendant Mounting installation

    Pendant Mount installation 1
    Pendant Mount installation 2
    1. Thread the 3/4 inch conduit into
      the hole of upper box, and screw
      the nut at the end.
    2. Lift the screw holes of the fixture to align the bracket screws, and then tighten with the M5 * 6screws.
      side holes, and lock the M5 screws.
    3. Disassemble the terminal block, insert the wires L, N, E in the hollow tube into the terminal block, and see the signs L, N, E. Install the terminal block locking screws. Reinstall the cover plates at both ends.
    4. Cover the two sides of the cover and lock the M4 screw 1pcs.
    5. Check if the assembly is installed and then power on.

    Type A LED Linear high bay Applications

    led linear high bay application warehouse


    led linear high bay application parking garage

    Parking garage

    led linear high bay application large office

    Office building

    led linear high bay application store

    Big-box retailers


    If you are still trying to understand more about the Type A linear high bay light, the following specifications will be your first choice. Then contact us, you will get a satisfying solution for your project.

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