FAQ About Buying LED lights

About sample, shipping, packing, payment, quality, and warranty.


Can you provide samples?

  • Yes, we can provide regular product samples or customized samples according to your testing needs. However, you need to pay for it, we don't provide free samples.


How do I calculate shipping costs?
XSY Lighting's shipping cost depends on the size, weight and destination area of ​​the ordered product. If you do not have your own freight forwarder, we will arrange it for you. Please be assured that as a company that has been established for 10 years, we have cooperated with 5-6 reliable freight forwarders to find safe and cheap transportation solutions for you.

  • Express delivery
    For orders for a small number of products, arrive within 6-8 days(to US). This is a shipping method that does not require paperwork.
  • Air freight
    Suitable for orders weighing 200-800 kg and arrives within 4-5 days(to US). But you need to pick up the goods yourself at the airport and pay the import and handling fees
  • Sea Shipping
    It is very suitable for preparing orders for batch products, FOB, CIF, DDP, DDU, etc, trading methods. Similarly, you need to pick up the goods at the port and pay the import fee and handling fee at the same time.


Which packaging material is used?

  • We are committed to using environmentally friendly packaging solutions whenever possible. We choose EPE with higher protection coefficient, which is mainly used as a buffer. We also use degradable protective bags for packaging, which can quickly degrade in landfills. Finally, the outer packaging is a five-layer corrugated box with a thickness that protects the contents.


What payment methods do you accept?

  • T / T payment method, settled in foreign exchange cash, you remit the money to the company's designated foreign exchange bank account. We support T / T 30% as a deposit, cash on delivery before shipment.
  • Credit card payment method, a settlement method in which the bank pays us if the documents match. It can largely solve the contradiction between our two parties in payment and delivery.

What other payment methods are available?

  • Paypal can be used as a payment method at checkout for small orders (up to $ 2,000). You must first call or email to confirm our account to avoid payment errors.

Do you have a minimum order policy?

  • Our minimum order price is USD 15,000. In order to become a long-term and stable partner with raw material suppliers, we need to set a minimum order quantity for the order. This is actually considered for our customers. Stable supply relationships ensure material quality and timely production orders.


What is your quality assurance?

Please click here to read.


What is your warranty policy?

1.XSY lighting warranties DLC listed products for a period of 5 years from a dare of purchase to be free for manufacturer caused defects.

  • XSY lighting will honor this warranty of the products that fail during normal use due to manufacturer’s defect and have been installed and connect properly.If for any reason your unit is to malfunction due to the manufacturer error within this time period please email: [email protected] and we will guide you through every step in returning your unit for service quickly and professionally.

2.Defective within 5 year - free raplacement parts issued. The following information is needed:

  • Customer knows which parts are defective.
  • Customer provides pictures, video and data of the damaged parts.
    If customer can not provide this information or can not repair it themselves then the light has to be returned to the manufacturer for repair at customer’s expense. If the light is found to be defective due to manufacturing causes then shipping will be refunded and the light repaired and returned for free. If the damage is due to abnormal use or any other reason expect manufacturing causes then the customer is responsible for all shipping costs and maintenance.

My question is not listed here!
Do not worry! If you still have questions after reading this page, please contact us at [email protected] or call +86 755 29549953.


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