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How to dim led high bay lights?

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What circumstances can dimming be achieved?

If you want to dim your existing lights, then you need to first know whether the driver of the lamp you use has a dimming function and whether there is a reserved dimming wire. It is not a dimmable driver, and dimming cannot be achieved without dimming wire. If you are planning to buy new led high bay lights, please select a product equipped with a dim driver.


What is the principle of dimming?

1. 0-10V dimming is an analog signal dimming, which changes the current output by the driver through 0-10V voltage changes, thereby adjusting the light. For example: when using a 0-10V dimmer to adjust to 0V, the current drops to 0, the fixture goes out. When adjusted to a maximum of 10V, the output current will reach 100% of the power output, and the brightness will also reach 100% (The output voltage is constant). 0-10V can turn off the lamps.

2. The principle of 1-10V dimming is similar to that of 0-10V, except that the dimmer can only be at least 1V, the output current reaches 10% of the power output, and the brightness is also 10% of the full brightness. 1-10V can't cut off the fixtures.


What do I need to prepare for dimming?

In addition to the installation tools, you also need to buy the dimmer yourself. Generally, when you buy dimmable lights, the merchant does not provide the dimmer. You need to buy it yourself.


Why dim led high bay lights?

1. In the lighting space, when lighting is needed during the day, but it does not need to be kept in full light state, you can consider allowing the fixtures to achieve the dimming function. For example, let the lamp achieve 50% of the light during the day, and 70% of the light during the rainy day. At night, adjust to 10V, which means 100% full brightness.
2. You buy LED high bay lights to replace traditional lamps, you are not sure what specific brightness can meet the demand, you can buy lamps with the dimming function. You should know that LED lights are much more dazzling than traditional lamps. If you accidentally buy a lighting product that is too dazzling, you may consider dimming.

3. Want to save power to achieve the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction.


How to achieve dimming?

It is simple, before implementing the installation, considers whether you need to implement partial dimming or global dimming. How should the dimmed luminaires be connected in series? Finally, connect the last light fixture to the dimmer switch, you can adjust the brightness of the lights. According to the specific wiring shown by our products, it is available for reference:

Wiring connection
Turn off the power, connect AC wire, Black wire to L, White wire to N, and Green wire to G.

Dimmer connection (With dimmable driver)
1. Compatible with 0-10V dimming.
2. Connect wires as below. Purple wire is D+, Gray wire is D-.

high bay dimming wire

Dimmable High Bay Lights


How to dim led high bay lights is not as difficult as imagined, it is equivalent to installing an additional switch. When wiring, the lamps to be dimmed must be connected in series to achieve simultaneous dimming.

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