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Designed for outdoor use, our high lumens floodlights design is ideal for safety and landscape lighting. 30W-250W LED flood lights, from 3000K to 5000K, available in cool white, warm white or daylight, with motion sensor or daylight sensor, 5-year warranty, can be installed with U-bracket to replace halogen or incandescent lamps. The advanced design incorporates a wide range of LED flood lights effects, including highly concentrated beam and wall washer effects. These LED floodlight ensure high reliability and high resistance to severe weather conditions and potentially damaging. Widely used in a shopping center, exhibition hall, parking lot, stadium, gymnasia, billboard, park, the statue, government lights decoration project, landmark, public square or other illumination.

LED Flood Light-X-FLF

Latest design LED flood light .

  • Power: Power Selectable
  • Voltage: AC120-277V/120-347V/277-480V
  • Light efficacy: 150LM/W
  • Intelligent control: Photocell
  • IP rating: IP66

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    LED floodlights: Definitive guide

    Why floodlights are widely used?

    1. The LED is directly connected to the outer casing, and the heat dissipation fin and air convection heat dissipation through the outer casing can effectively dissipate heat and ensure the life of the light source. The perfect combination of 5mm high-strength tempered glass and the lamp body makes the lamp can be used in a high humidity environment.
    2. The lamp body is made of anti-aging silicone rubber sealing tape. The surface is anodized and spray-coated, and the overall luminaire meets IP65 standards.
    3. The high-purity aluminum reflector is used to effectively improve the reflectivity and ensure the output of the luminous flux. The light emitted by the LED is controlled to be within the required range, thereby improving the uniformity of the illumination effect of the lamp and the utilization of the light energy. Highlights the obvious energy-saving advantages of LED lamps.
    4. No delay, start-up to normal brightness, no need to wait, the number of switching can reach more than one million times.
    5. Safe, fast, flexible, adjustable at any angle. High versatility and multi application.
    6. Green environmental protection, no pollution, cold light source design, no heat radiation, no lead, mercury, and other pollution elements, realizing the green energy-saving lighting in the true sense.

    What you may need to know in different applications?

    1. Multi-faceted tower
      In order to show the characteristics of such a structure, the brightness of two adjacent faces should be different. Therefore, the flood lights should not be arranged symmetrically on any two adjacent surfaces. For rectangular or hexagonal buildings that can be viewed from all directions, usually, two illumination directions are sufficient.
    2. Roof shape
      The roof is an indispensable part of the building and it maintains the structural balance of the entire structure. It is necessary to illuminate the roof at night to reshape the beauty of the architecture. When the floodlights that illuminate the facade are close together, it is often impossible to illuminate the roof from the same location. In towns, led outdoor flood lights can usually be installed on adjacent buildings. In other cases, the led flood lights can be mounted on masts or on the roof at corresponding distances.
    3. Balcony and corridor
      The projection of balconies and corridors creates shadows on walls or facades. The closer the light source is to the architecture, the larger the protruding part of the balcony, the deeper the corridor, and the greater the shadow. If the effect is unsightly, you need to reduce the effect of shadows by changing the flood lights layout or by adding additional floodlights to the balcony or hallway to reduce contrast.
    4. Trees
      Trees are usually illuminated by flood lights led mounted on the ground. The arrangement of the lighting device depends on the specific shape and shape of each object. When there is a possibility of damage to the floodlight, it is not recommended to install it on trees. If it is fixed to the branch by the collar, it is necessary to adjust the collar regularly as the branches grow.
    5. Flower buds and low shrubs
      For grass green belts or low bushes, floodlights can be installed on or near the ground to maintain a safe distance and appropriate mechanical and electrical protection.

    Why choose we XSY floodlights?

    The XSY LED high-quality flood lights series features a flat design and is ultra-slim and lightweight, which gain customer favor. The high-performance flood lamp fixtures have opened up a new chapter in the history of floodlights. Equipped with a high-quality SMD 3030, the luminaires have a high throughput of over 39,000 lumens, setting new standards in terms of economy and efficiency. Why is it called a flood light? A floodlight is a broad-beamed, high-intensity artificial light. They are often used to illuminate outdoor playing fields while an outdoor sports event is being held during low-light conditions.

    The advantages of XSY floodlights are the long life of LEDs and drivers, as well as their wear-free optical systems. We have developed high-efficiency reflectors with wide beam or flat beam light distribution, with different beam angles to meet the stringent lux requirements of special projects. To optimize efficiency, we use high-quality UV resistant and non-aging materials such as tempered glass covers, silicone or aluminum.

    An anti-aging silicone rubber sealing tape is used at the light source. The surface is anodized and spray-coated, and the overall luminaire meets IP65 standards. In addition, our exterior flood lights also add a respirator. When the outside air temperature is too high, the respirator plays its role, and the internal water vapor is discharged from the outside of the light.


    After you make your final choice, you will be surprised to find that with the right illumination, your space will become brighter and more comfortable. If you are not sure which luminaire best suits your illumination needs, please let our professional in-house staff help you and answer any questions! XSY lighting is an experienced led light manufacturer and supplier in China.

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