• 2019 Private mold lights;Super cost performance
  • Flexible design, apply for installation
  • Die-cast aluminum housing treated by anodic oxidation, anti-corrosion
  • Flexible for driver changed easily;Surge protection 10KV or 20KV
  • IP 66 (wet location) Rated,IK 10, 7 years warranty
  • Photocell,Microwave,PIR Sensor available
  • DLC, UL, SAA, RoHs, VEET, IPART certificate

    The latest economical parking lot fixtures icecrown 9

    Icecrown 9, the 9th generation shoebox light designed and developed by XSY Lighting. The main core material is ADC12 die-cast aluminum as the base material, and PC material is used to generate secondary light effect lens, to achieve Type III, TypeV, 90 ° beam angle. Continuing the original shape of the traditional shoebox lamp + lens size ratio, the lens lace face design lens is added to make the overall appearance more beautiful and rich. It is the first to adopt the built-in integrated power supply design and is equipped with the latest waterproof and detachable integrated sensor + Zigbee IoT control module design.


    parking lot led lights shoebox 9 specification mobile version 1
    parking lot led lights shoebox 9 specification mobile version 2
    Model Power Input Voltage Size(inch) Efficacy Lumen Lens CCT
    XSY-AL80-XXK-YYY-Z 80W  










    Type III, Type V




    XSY-AL100-XXK-YYY-Z 100W 14500
    XSY-AL150-XXK-YYY-Z 150W 21750
    XSY-AL250-XXK-YYY-Z 250W 20.49"*12.62" 36250
    XSY-AL320-XXK-YYY-Z 320W 46400
    XSY-ALHV80-XXK-YYY-Z 80W  










    Type III, Type V




    XSY-ALHV100-XXK-YYY-Z 100W 14500
    XSY-ALHV150-XXK-YYY-Z 150W 21750
    XSY-ALHV250-XXK-YYY-Z 250W 20.49"*12.62" 36250
    XSY-ALHV320-XXK-YYY-Z 320W 46400

    Different Bracket to Icecrown 9

    parking lot led lights shoebox 9 with slip fitter

    Slip Fitter

    parking lot led lights shoebox 9 with U bracket

    U Bracket

    parking lot led lights shoebox 9 with extruded arm

    Extruded Arm

    parking lot led lights shoebox 9 with slip fitter+extruded arm

    Slip Fitter + Extruded Arm

    parking lot led lights shoebox 9 installation methods

    LED Parking Lot Fixtures Component

    detachable waterproof module

    Detachable waterproof module

    Easy to replace, saving installation and installation costs. Waterproof performance reduces configuration damage.

    Laser nameplate front

    Laser nameplate front

    Positive brand name, not easy to fall off and fade, and can effectively extend the time of text blur.

    Prismatic border design

    Prismatic border design

    The lens lace facet design makes the lens overall more beautiful and rich in texture.

    20kv built-in lightning arrester

    20kv built-in lightning arrester

    The lightning arrester can effectively prevent the surge voltage from being too high and damage the lighting equipment.

    Parking Lot Lamps Efficient Heat Dissipation Method

    At present, outdoor lighting fixtures on the market are generally designed with a heat dissipation system. However, the illumination lamps in the prior art mainly radiate heat through the outer casing, and the heat dissipation area of the outer casing is small, and the heat generated by the light source is conducted to the outer casing. It is impossible to dissipate the heat generated by the light source in a short time, and thus it is easy to affect the life of the light due to the overheating of the light.

    parking lot led lights shoebox 9 heat dissipation

    Heat sink cooling

    Compared with traditional lamps that use monolithic heat sinks, XSY icecrown 9 heat sinks are many and thin, and the heat dissipation area is maximized. The heat sink work automatically forms air convection heat dissipation, and the heat dissipation effect is better. And due to the improvement of the heat sink, the weight of our lamps has also been reduced.

    parking lot led lights shoebox 9 ventilation

    Hole ventilation

    XSY led parkinglot flood lights by providing heat dissipation holes around the light source, these hollow holes pass through the bottom and top of the housing to facilitate ventilation and decrease the temperature of the lights. The greater the number of holes, the greater the ability to dissipate heat, which solves the problem of low heat dissipation efficiency in the prior art.

    Smart configuration selection

    parking lot led lights shoebox 9 intelligent

    Multi Beam angle

    shoebox 9 photometric

    Parking Lot Fixtures Icecrown 9 Applications

    shoebox 9 application parking lot

    Parking lot

    shoebox 9 application streets


    shoebox 9 application Area lighting

    Area lighting

    shoebox 9 application path



    If you are still trying to understand more about Icecrown9, the following specifications will be your first choice. Here is the parking lot fixtures guidance: read more.

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