Star 4

Power: 60W-80W-100W-150W-200W-250W
Voltage: AC120-277V/120-347V/277-480V
Light efficacy: 150LM/W, 170LM/W
Beam angle: 60°/120°
IP rate: IP65

Icecrown 9

Power: 80W-100W-150W-200W-250W-320W
Voltage: AC120-347V/277-480V,145LM/W
Beam angle: 90° / TypeⅢ / TypeⅤ
Intelligent: Microwave / PIR sensor / Smart Lora control
IP65, Ik 10,SP-10Kv / 20Kv

Sunrise 4

Power: 50W-80W-100W-120W-150W
IP rate: IP65 & IP69K
Voltage: AC100-277V/277-480V
Light efficacy: >130LM/W
Beam angle: 45°/90°/120°

linear high bay

Power: 105W-165W-225W-300W
Voltage: AC120-277V/277-480V
Light efficacy: >140LM/W
Beam angle: 120°

Vapor tight

Power: 25W-30W-40W-60W-70W-100W
IP rate: IP66
Voltage: AC100-277V/347V/480V
Light efficacy: >130LM/W
Beam angle: 120°

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LED Light Manufacturer XSY Latest Products

XSY lighting is the best manufacturer of commercial and industrial LED light in China. We focus on the technological development and manufacture of high-quality products. High bay light series, Area light series, Tri-proof light series, Solar light series, etc, are XSY lighting main product line. Latest products as below, we look forward to helping you get the business opportunities for your project.

Unique design for led lighting

Super cost performance

Semi cut-off and Full cut-off

Use for food industry application

Built-in emergency battery backup

Chain/Surface/Pendant Installation

10 years experience

Flexible delivery

After sales support

5 years warranty

Quality products are worthy of your trust!

Visit lighting company website. Use our latest LED Industrial Chinese Lights, which Better Light Distribution, More Efficient, Easier Installation, More Savings.

led lighting company introduction

About XSY Lighting

        XSY LED light top China manufacturer was founded in 2002, stepped into the LED industry since 2008, established a production base of 7,500 square meters in  2016. One of the guiding lights, XSY is both in technological development and the manufacture of high-quality but beautiful sale price products, mainly trade markets are Europe, North America, Australia, Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

      XSY introduces several advanced production lines and inspection equipment, multifunctional digital automatic aging testing equipment to assure the product quality. Besides, XSY could provide Dialux to guide clients to opt for the most suitable LED lights in their application place. Regardless of whether the customer is distributors or wholesalers, they can enjoy OEM and ODM services as long as they are wholesale a large number of products from the XSY China supplier.

What can we provide?

What can we provide?

to ensure choose correct lights


DIALUX is used for planning, computing, and visualization of indoor and outdoor lighting - single rooms, entire floors, buildings, and outdoor scenes. We Chinese suppliers wholesale to provide product digital data for easy planning in Dialux. It makes professional lighting design easier and helps customers understand the choice of led lights. What is lux? It is a measure of light that represents the brightness of light at a specific distance from its source and area size. when the light is too bright, it can cause interference to people and even wild animals. The fewer watts you need to get the required number of lux - the better - because you can save a lot of electricity.

led light manufacturer dialux shoebox light case
led light manufacturer IES light distribution curve test

IES Light Distribution Curve Test

It refers to the light intensity distribution of the light source ( or luminaire) in all direction of the light intensity of the light source, the regional luminous flux, the beam angle, and the drawing of the light distribution curve. Another power distribution parameter measuring instrument can measure the lamp, voltage, power, power factor and light efficiency.

Multifunctional digital automatic aging testing equipment

led light manufacturer multifunctional digital automatic aging testing equipment 1
led light manufacturer multifunctional digital automatic aging testing equipment 2

The main purpose is to see if the LEDs is damaged in the assembly process and to check again whether the power supply is stable under high-temperature conditions. The aging test has the flexibility in practical operation to meet the requirements of relevant standards and improve production efficiency.

  1. Do a good job in testing the aging and impact of the drive power supply
  2. According to the batch of LED, sample the high current light decay test
  3. Perform a full set of testing and aging test for more than 12 hours for newly developed engineering products to evaluate stability and service life
  4. For mass production products, only a full set of testing and 2-4 hours aging test is required.

Need help with easier LED light solutions?

One of the LED manufacturers, XSY is a professional commercial and industrial lighting manufacturer that offers customized services for your specific projects.

XSY Mission: Brighten the world, Green the world!



What Certification You Need?

Knowing in advance the standards and certifications that the country may be looking for will help you identify more appropriate fixtures, that is, get the space allowed by the state, check through and open.

UL Certification

UL is mainly engaged in product safety certification and business safety certification business. 

ul certification logo

ETL Certification

ETL represents the minimum requirements for universally recognized US and Canadian product safety standards

etl certification

NSF Certification

NSF certification that makes products suitable for food processing

nsf certification
led light manufacturer led lights certifications
saa certification

SAA Certification

SAA is an Australia electrical safety and EMC compliance testing standard for electrical goods.

rohs certification

RoHS Certification

RoHS is a process to standardize the reduction and use of hazardous substances in production.

ce certification

CE Certification

CE is a safety certification mark and is considered a passport that opens and enters the European market.

Certification Offical Website: DLC, UL, ETL, NSF, SAA, RoHS, CE.



Replacing Metal Halide Lamp with LED High Bay light

Metal halide fixture

Before:Metal halide lamp

Lighting in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, industrial workspaces, large retail stores, and stadiums typically includes high-bay luminaires equipped with HID light sources - usually metal halide lamps.

However, metal halide lamps with bulbs have several fatal shortcomings: slow start-up, high power consumption, need to be equipped with ballasts, life is shorter than LED lights, heat dissipation of lamps is poor, and it is necessary to wear a protective cover.

xsy ufo high bay sunrise 9

After: XSY UFO High Bay Sunrise 9

In order to solve the defects of the metal halide lamp in the application place, we chose to replace it with LED UFO High Bay Light. The replacement of LED lights has become increasingly popular in the current era.

Compared with traditional lamps such as metal halide lamps, LED energy-saving high-altitude lamps: environmentally friendly, mercury-free, UV-free, energy-saving, high luminous efficiency, long life, can achieve dimming, intelligent control.

What Clients Say

10 years into service and we’ve worked with some awesome clients who love us and our services. Check what they have to say about us.

Jocelyn (Sydney)

"Luckily met XSY led lights manufacturer, attach importance to their insight, for me, a project in 2018 made a perfect plan, is not so much XSY’s offer attracted me, as they are high-quality led supply to touch me, XSY team can station in customer's Angle to think for me some even myself missing important details. I'm very glad to create led light business opportunities with XSY led lighting importer."

Iris (Houston)

"In after visiting the XSY company and his factory, I decided, XSY would be my lights project partner in the future, because they have the two standards I choose partners, personality and attitude, I never like to judge a book by how he surface performance, but the attitude of the life to do things, of course, with the two standards is the foundation, and production of LED light and lanterns of XSY product also is to have power, so I could work with them I feel great ! "

Colin (Canada)

"I have many led lighting suppliers in China, but I don't have any like-minded ones. The first time I met XSY led lighting manufacture was in the exhibition in Guangzhou in 2017. Their unique china led lighting attracted my eyes. After testing the samples, I gave up all my doubts about XSY. Yes, this is a strong and thoughtful manufacturer that can meet my needs. The experience of being able to work with like-minded people is really hard to come by. Very surprise!"

Jerry (Los Angeles)

"XSY LED Light Expert emailed me after the fixture was delivered to ensure the fixture was delivered and in good condition. XSY LED Light Expert was professional and courteous. It is a pleasure working with such a great supplier better than other companies. I will be ordering all my fixtures from them in the future."

Georgio (UK)

"Very impressed. the build quality is very well done. looks like a good solid product. Yes, they are very bright."


Selina (Melbourne)

"This is a really good clear light for our shop. Will ordering at least one hundred more"

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