• Transparent and frosted cover available, no dark spots, uniform luminous surface
  • Excellent heat dissipation depending on whole aluminum housing
  • IP 66 waterproof, dust, corrosion and pressure-proof
  • High impact PC housing ( IK08 ), 5 warranty
  • Suspended or ceiling mounted installation available
  • Microwave sensor and Emergency battery backup driver optional
  • DLC, ETL certificate


vapor-proof light fixture specification mobile version 1
vapor-proof light fixture specification mobile version 2
Model No.Light OutputSizeInput VoltageColor TemperatureCRILight EfficacyFrequency RangeWaterproof RangeOperation TemperatureLifespanSensor
































-30°to 45°





54,000 Hours





Motion Sensor






Vapor proof light fixture

Vapor proof light fixture from XSY Lighting is waterproof lighting fixture with IP66 waterproof rating for the parking garage, warehouse facility, supermarket, pools, car washes, etc. We offer a five years warranty to ensure you have no worries. It has high-performance heatsinks, high luminous efficiency: >130l/w. Vapor tight with smart options for microwave sensor and emergency battery backup, which from the best XSY lighting manufacturer in China. What is the vapor tight fixture definition? It must be dustproof, waterproof, pressure-proof, and corrosion-proof.

LED Chip

vapor-proof light fixture chip
  • SMD2835 is better for the strip-type lamp like vaportight lights, the brightness is more beautiful.
  • Famous brand-Quality ensure.
  • Strategic partner, good price and lead time support.

Iron Board

Only 1.0mm thickness but efficient heat dissipation for vapor tight light fixtures.

vapor-proof light fixture iron board

Anti-pull Rope

vapor-proof light fixture anti-pull rope
  • No need to hold the vaportight fixture board when wiring, free your hands and save labor.
  • The use of the anti-pull rope also prevents the line connecting the bottom cover and the vapor tight fixture board from being excessively pulled, resulting in poor contact.

Card Slot

The vapor tight led light fixture with small card slot design perfectly integrates the iron board and the PC cover to facilitate the wiring of the bottom cover.

vapor-proof light fixture card slot


waterproof lighting fixtures

Add waterproof head at the line outlet of the waterproof lighting fixtures, conform with IP66 waterproof rating.

PC cover

  • PC materials, more than 90% transmittance
  • 5VA flame class and work outside directly
  • 3 mm Thickness materials
vapor-proof light fixture PC cover

Vapor Tight Light Fixture UL Listed Components

vapor proof light fixture
  • UL listed components and designed by ourselves.
  • Installed at the back of the iron board, better for wiring.

Vapor Proof Light Fixture Emergency Battery Backup

vapor-proof light fixture emergency battery backup

The 4ft and bigger vaportite light fixture can add emergency battery backup, emergency work time 90 minutes.

Microwave Sensor

vapor-proof light fixture microwave sensor

The sensor mode: turn off during the day, microwave sensor mode at night( full brightness with people, 10-30% brightness or none brightness without people), default brightness maintain time: 5min(10s, 1min, 5min, 15 min for option).

LED Vapor Tight Fixture Reform Wiring

vapor-proof light fixture reform wiring

e.g: 4ft vapor tight fixture reform wiring to facilitate installation and maintenance.

Installation methods

Suspension Mounting Installation

vapor-proof light fixture suspension installation
  1. Mounted the wire rope suspend kit to the ceiling.
  2. Mounted the clips to the rope suspend kit by screw, recommend the distance between the chain: 382mm-0.6m; 982mm-1.2m; 1282mm-1.5m.

Ceiling Mounting Installation

vapor-proof light fixture ceiling mounted installation

Ceiling mounted

  • Fasten the clips to the mounting surface with the expansion screw. The distance between the clips: 282mm-0.6m; 982mm-1.2m; 1282mm-1.5m
  • Secure the fixture the mounting clips.

Ceiling connection installation

  • Fasten the mounting clips to the ceiling with expansion screw, then connect the lights with a cable and fix the lights to the clips.

Vapor Tight Light Applications

tri-proof lights application processing plant

Processing plants

Tri-proof lights application parking garage

Parking garage

Tri-proof lights application warehouse


Tri-proof lights application auto repair shop

Auto repair shop

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