ISO9001:2015 As Guidelines

ISO9001 quality assurance system is the foundation for the development and growth of enterprises, all international standards established by TC176 (TC176 refers to the Technical Committee of Quality Management System). It is by far the most mature quality framework in the world.


More than 750,000 organizations in 161 countries are using it. The company obtained ISO9001 certification means that XSY lighting has established a complete quality management system in all aspects of management, actual work, supplier and distributor relations, products, marketing, and after-sales service.


Good quality management is conducive to improving efficiency, reducing costs, providing quality products and services, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Production Process

The approximate production process of the led light fixture is shown below. If any of these tests fail, the lamps must be repaired and then re-entered into the production line. In fact, the manufacturing process for each series of lamps will be slightly different. The specific production process should be based on the type of lights.


QC Procedure

Before the product is shipped, XSY Lighting strives to ensure the quality of the product and conducts a full range of inspections through a series of equipment. When a problem is detected, the product is repaired immediately. So far, the qualification rates of our lamps have been 90% to 100%.


QC Facilities

For the indispensable light fixtures in life, in addition to having a beautiful appearance and safe external circuits, good quality is also very important. For manufacturers and consumers, how to judge the quality of the lamp based on external conditions? These facilities are needed.


AC Power Source and Digital Power Meter

  • Full operation tests under varying voltages.
  • Excess voltage test (Multiplies voltage input by 1.6)
  • Dimming test: 3 times cyclic adjusting.

IES Test

  • Photometric parameter test: light distribution, luminous efficacy, luminous flux, light angle beam, glare rating, equiluminant curve, isocandela curve, etc.
  • Electrical performance test: voltage, current, power, power factor, etc.

Integrating Sphere

  • Electrical performance test: forward voltage, reverse leakage current, power, power factor, etc.
  • Photometric parameter test: luminous flux, luminous efficiency, radiation flux, etc.
  • Color parameter test: CRI, SDCM.

Aging Test

  • 72hrs for the aging light source.
  • 72hrs for aging test on IC, capacitor, and resistor.
  • 48hrs-72hrs for aging leakage.
  • 36 hrs for impact test.

Ground Resistance Tester

  • An important part of ensuring personal safety and the normal operation of electrical equipment.
  • Measures product grounding resistance, ground voltage, and soil resistivity.

Automatic Aging Test

  • By simulating the effects of four different voltages, observe whether the product is not bright, strobe, color difference and other poor quality.
  • Detect current, voltage, power, and power factor of each product, automatic production data test table.

Hi-pot Tester

  • 100% resist voltage test according to UL and TUV standards.


  • Light intensity test.
  • Uniformity coefficient test.

Temperature Testing

  • Perform high-temperature and low-temperature tests on electronic, electrical, and component products to check the quality and reliability of the product.

Waterproof Testing

  • Realistic simulation of various environments such as dripping, spraying, splashing, spraying, etc., to test the waterproofing of the lamps.
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