LED Parking lot light

LED Parking lot light

AL09 series — LED Parking lot light

Scope of application: LED Shoebox light

This series is suitable for a wide range, voltage range: AC120-277V/AC120-347V/AC277-480V, basically covers most of the world.

Light effect of LED Parking lot light: The light effect design of the shoebox light 140-150lm maximizes the price/performance ratio of the product. The 100/150/200/300W power design is a perfect replacement for the traditional high pressure sodium light of 250-1000w. Light distribution is mainly Type-III, Type-IV. Designing a 90-degree light distribution increases the use of the product as a floodlight, greatly enhancing the use of the product and facilitating the channel stocking.

Product certification and warranty

Based on UL DLC certification, IP66, IK10, -40 ° C ~ 45 ° C temperature test was added to ensure product stability. Thanks to its own power supply design, the temperature control is very reasonable, providing a 7-year warranty that is different from the peers.


The product combines light or microwave functions and supports the Lora system.

Installation aspect:

LED Parking lot light with A B C D four installation methods, taking into account the main pole type and installation requirements reasonable light arm design, an electrician can complete the installation and replacement, which greatly saves labor.

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