• Allow for quick, secure mounting without tools.
  • External driver , male and female connection
  • Optional: led strip lights add PC cover or not
  • Eco-friendly without mercury
  • Designed for direct insertion into an existing troffer housing.
  • 4000K, 5000K standard, other colors available
  • Dimmable with 1-10v dimmer for options
  • 5 years warranty, support express delivery, by sea/air
  • DLC, ETL certificate

    Magnetic LED Light Strip and Driver | Installs in Linear LED Retrofit Kits

    In order to eliminate the need for the products of traditional fluorescent lights to save your electricity and labor, XSY Lighting has designed a magnetic led light strip product that is energy efficient and easy to install. No noise, glare flashing or hot spots, color temperature selection: 2700-6500K, if it is used in the working environment, it is recommended to choose 5000K. XSY led light strips with beautiful price uses 1-10V dimming, which is significantly more efficient than traditional fluorescent lamps. The replacement installation process is simple and can be completed in less than 3 minutes. It has a wide range of applications: offices, lobbies, hallways, conference rooms, schools, libraries, airports, showrooms, and hospitality environments, etc. As long as it is a place for troffer fixtures with a fluorescent tube, it can be replaced with a high quality linear led retrofit kit.

    Model No. Power Lumens Size CCT Input Voltage CRI Lifespan Power Efficiency Input Frequency
    XSY-T8RTP25W2FT*2 25W 130LM/W 500mm  


















    XSY-T8RTP36W4FT*2 36W  


    XSY-T8RT50W4FT*2 50W 140-150LM/W
    XSY-T8RTP60W4FT*3 60W 130LM/W
    XSY-T8RTP60W4FT*4 60W 130LM/W


    Magnetic LED Light Strip parameter 1
    Magnetic LED Light Strip parameter 1

    Size view - 2ft / 4ft magnetic linear led retrofit kit


    LED magnetic strip lights: frequently asked & definitive guide.

    What are led magnetic strip and driver kit actually mean?

    Each kit contains several strip lights and a drive with a magnetism backing on the back. The flexible kit can be quickly and securely mounted to the fixture without any tools. XSY Lighting's conventional kit specifications are as follows:

         25w: Two 2ft led strips and one drive

         36w: Two 4ft led strips and one drive

         50w: Two 4ft led strips and one drive

         60w: three 4ft led strips and one drive

         60w: Four 4ft led strips and one power supply

    Although our product adsorption is really strong, the customer still has concerns. Therefore, when designing this kit, each part also has a screw hole position for secondary fixing. Every product will be delivered with a screws accessories pack.

    Where are linear led retrofit kits suitable for?

    The magnetism backing sometimes requires a length to define a fixture that is suitable for replacement. The general 2ft kit is suitable for standard or U-shaped fixtures. The products are available in conventional AC120-277V and custom AC277-480V, not only for commercial lighting but also for industrial lighting. Besides can replace the fluorescent tube, bright led strip lights can be attached to any metal surface fixture. There is no place couldn't install the lights, just because you haven't thought about our products yet.

    How to install this type of led linear retrofit kit?

    Take white troffer fixture with fluorescent tube trough as an example:

    1. Cut off the power then open the troffer cover
    2. Remove old tubes
    3. Remove reflector/ballast cover
    4. Remove ballast and wires going to the connectors
    5. Connect power cable wires to the driver
    6. Ballast cover can be reinstall over the driver
    7. The products can be attached with magnets or screws
    8. Connect lights to the output of the driver
    9. Installation complete, turn on the power
    10. Optional: Reinstall led lights fixture cover

    magnetic led retrofit kit insatall

    How long are this kit lifespan?

    Undoubtedly, lifespan is indeed a condition of customer concern. But we can take the guarantee, our lamp has a life of 50,000hrs. Let's explain it is more straightforward. When you let this lampwork for 8 hours a day, it can be used continuously for about 17 years.

    What are the advantages of leds magnetic compared to tubes?

    1. easy to install, no tools and ballasts required
    2. 1-10v dimming
    3. higher light efficiency, 130lm / w and up to 150lm / w






    meeting room

    Meeting room




    If you are still trying to understand more about the linear led magnetic retrofit kit, the following specifications will be your first choice.

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