LED Linear High Bay

Linear high-bay fixtures from XSY Lighting have passed DLC and UL certification and are designed to illuminate warehouses, indoor stadiums, garages, meeting rooms, shopping aisles, and other large indoor facilities. They are ideal for replacing T5HO and T8 overhead fixtures or other 2x2 & 2x4 linear high bay lights, as led linear high bay light will consume less energy to reduce the cost of use. Dimming or sensing functions are available. Contact us, we will provide you with an EXW price.

Linear High Bay Lights - Type C

lhbC A
  • Wattage: 90W, 105W, 130W, 180W, 210W
  • Lumens Per Watt: 150LM/W
  • CCT: 4000K, 5000K (CCT tunable)
  • Beam Angle: General Optic, Aisle Optic
  • Listing: ETL, DLC 5.1 premium listed
  • Size: 1.2ft, 1.7ft, 2.4ft
  • Volt: AC120-277V/120-347V/277-480V
  • Control: 0-10v dim, PIR sensor
  • Support Emergency lighting
  • Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China
  • Certificate: DLC, UL, CE, SAA
  • Warranty: 5 years

    Linear LED High Bay - Type D

    lhbd a
    • DLC ID: X-LHBD
    • Wattage: 105W, 165W, 225W, 300W
    • Voltage: AC120-277V/120-347V
    • Lumens Per Watt: 150LM/W
    • CCT ( Color Temperature ): (40/50)K Selectable
    • Control: 1-10v dim, PIR sensor
    • Listing: UL, DLC listed
    • Warranty: 5 years
    • Size: 2 feet, 4 feet

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        LED High Bay Linear - Complete guide

        What is a led high bay linear?

        If UFO high-bay is designed for lighting in a wide area, then 2ft & 4ft linear high bay light is to optimize the spread of aisle lighting. Like the application of fixtures products in aisles between warehouse or retail shelves, this fixture projects light onto the surface of the shelves instead of the top.

        What are the types of High-Bay fixtures?

        1. T5HO high-bay
        2. T8 high-bay
        3. Linear high-bays led lights

        In fact, high-efficiency, long-life LED high bay lights is gradually replacing conventional lamps such as T5HO, T8, HID, HM.

        What are the advantages of linear high-bay lights?

        • The best replacement. The lighting of the high bay fixtures are directional, it does not require the addition of a reflector. It also does not require a ballast.
        • Low heat. It uses die-cast aluminum with the best heat dissipation effect as the radiator, which has high efficiency and does not add temperature load to the fixtures and spaces.
        • Energy-saving. These lights provide a higher degree of illumination than fluorescent, with an average power usage of less than 60%.
        • High lighting quality. The 225-watt high-bay fixture can produce lumens up to 30375. It can keep clear, evenly illuminate the objects below without glare. Not as dim light as traditional products.
        • Little maintenance is required. high-bay lights do not need to change the bulb. Its lifespan is 50000-100000 hours, which is more than 3 times that of traditional fixtures.


        Where to use linear high-bay lights?

        Commercial warehouses, store warehouse clubs, and hypermarket stores all have aisles that need to illuminate the ground all the time. Shaded shelves will slow down your employees when picking orders, and in retail, they will make your products tedious. Lamps not specifically designed for aisles will waste a lot of light on the unattended top shelf. The dimmable led high bay fixtures will reach the most optimization of the propagation range of aisle lighting. In addition to high-bay lighting applications, 105w fixture can be installed on ceilings as low as 13 feet for smaller inventory, repair rooms, and stores.


        How to buy LED high bays linear?

        Before buying luminaires products, mastering these rules will make your choice easier.

        1. Please first understand the height of the site where you will install the fixtures.
        2. How much Lux & Footcandles is needed for the application?
        3. Do you need to add smart configuration, such as microwave sensing or dimming? By adding intelligent control, electricity bills can be greatly saved.
        4. The choice of wiring. If you want to control the lamps in a unified way, choose the wire without the plug. To control the lamps individually, please specify that each lamp is equipped with a plug when purchasing.
        5. Selection of installation method. Easy mounting with chain, you can also choose pendant or surface mounting.
        6. With emergency battery backup. In the lighting of the entire space, consider adding emergency battery backup to several of the lamps. In doing so, these lamps can continue to work for several hours in the event of a sudden power failure.

        No idea how to select, please contact us. We will provide a Dialux report and the most suitable high-bay fixture for you.

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