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Road lighting is an important part of urban lighting. Traditional street lamps use high-pressure sodium lamps to emit light 360°. The shortcomings of light loss cause a huge waste of energy. At present, the global environment is deteriorating, and countries are shifting towards clean energy. Therefore, the development of new types of high-efficiency, energy-saving, long life, high color rendering index, and environmentally friendly led street lights is of great significance to the energy saving of urban lighting.

Below we can explain the advantages of led street lights compared to ordinary street lights through several sets of data.

Comparison of LED street light and ordinary street light:

  • If the electricity cost generated by using 70W led street light for one year is only 20% of the electricity cost generated by using 250W ordinary high-pressure sodium light street light for one year, the electricity cost is greatly saved.
  • Comarison of laying costs

The power of the led street light is 1/4 of the ordinary high-pressure sodium lamp street light, and the cross-sectional area required for laying the copper cable only requires 1/3 of the ordinary street light, which saves a lot of laying costs.

  • Illumination comparison

Using led 70W street light can reach the illuminance of 250W high-pressure sodium lamp, greatly reducing the power used.

  • Use temperature comparison

Compared with ordinary street lights, the temperature generated by led street lights during use is low, and continuous use will not produce high temperatures, and will not blacken or burn.

  • Comparison of safety performance

Led street lights are safe low-voltage products, which greatly reduce potential safety hazards.

  • Environmental performance comparison

Ordinary street lights contain harmful metals, and the spectrum contains harmful rays. In contrast, led street light have a pure spectrum, no infrared and ultraviolet rays, no radiation, no light pollution, and no harmful metals. The lens is protected by a glass cover, ultraviolet-proof and easy to clean.

  • Comparison of service life and quality

The average life of ordinary street light is 12,000 hours; the average life of led street light is 50,000 hours, and the service life is up to more 6 years. In addition, led street lights are very waterproof, shock-resistant, and shock-resistant, with stable quality and are maintenance-free products within the warranty period.

From the above points, it is not difficult to see that the led street light not only has a wider lighting range and improved lighting efficiency; but also has a simple structure, excellent heat dissipation performance and long service life. Compared with traditional street lights with high-pressure sodium lights and metal halide lamps as light sources, it has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection and long life. It can be used for roads, streets, tunnel lighting and other outdoor public places.

In order to save energy and protect the environment, our led street light support for LORA system has completely changed the situation in the field of embedded wireless communication, changed the previous methods of transmission distance and power consumption, and greatly improved the receiving sensitivity. Reduced power consumption, the link budget of up to 157db makes its communication distance up to 15 kilometers (related to the environment). Its receiving current is only 10mA, which greatly delays the service life of the battery and provides customers with a simple communication system that can achieve long distance, long battery life, large capacity and low cost.

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