nsf certified ufo led highbay

NSF Certified LED UFO Highbay Light

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LED UFO high bay lights have always been popular, except that because LED high bay lights have bright light and have the security of alignment guarantee, they can be replaced for a long time, but also because they can ensure that you will not spend too much maintenance or Replacement cost.

In the lighting market, there are many good LED UFO high bay fixtures. Today I would like to recommend a led lighting for food processing that has passed NSF certification to you.

NSF Certified 

As we all know, NSF focuses on standard formulation, product testing and certification services in the fields of public health, safety and environmental protection, and is an authoritative institution in the field of public health and safety. Passing the NSF certification means that our UFO highbay light is rigorously tested and guaranteed to consumers. The materials, design and process of product manufacturing are all standard.

Global certification

The certification we made for this lamp is in accordance with the requirements of the global market, including SAA certification in accordance with the Australian market, ROHS, ENEC, CE certification in compliance with the European market, and UL certification in compliance with the US market.

Appearance design

The smooth body designed with special materiasls, it makes lights easy to clean and prevents the accumulation of dust and water.

No places for bacteria to hide. Screws are hidden as well.

Wide range of applications

Regarding the application place, this UFO highbay is widely used in warehouse lighting, food processing lighting, fresh food lighting and so on.

IP66 & IP69K UFO LED Highbay

IP66 - Food processing lighting fixtures can also be used in any location where frequent high-pressure water flow cleaning is required.

So when you washing this light, please don’t worry the water will put into the light fixture, because it passed the IP66 testing.

IP69K - Protection against the ingress of dust and high temperature, high pressure water, this food processing light can withstand high-pressure, high-temperature washes and steam, --fixture passed superheated steam Flush test, fixture could also bear 100Bar and less than 80 celsius‘s water or steam, there has no water permeate inside of fixture.

Microwave sensor

The built-in sensor can effectively reduce unnecessary glare, and can also reduce energy costs. it is Built-in microwave sensor ,0-10V,some of cutomer use our factory settings ,we also can provide customized working mode/pattern for sensor .sensor could help improve energy efficiency. Also this sensor can bear high temperature as i put it in the middle of lamp and our lamp is totally seamless.

Special application-LED Fresh Food Light

Depending on different foods, food color and other factors, the different color schemes will be provided upon different application. Fresh food LED lighting recipes can help make the difference in your fresh food departments by improving both the presentation and quality of your most perishable products.

  • Meat: red housing, 3500K for Marbled meat, 2200K for red meat
  • Seafood : 6500K with blue house
  • Vegetables : 3000K with green house

For more details, please click here to contact us and look forward to having more exchanges with you.

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