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Why do the stadium / sport lights stay on?

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For the crowd who raised this question, I guess most are living around the stadium. But now the reasons for the constant lighting of the stadium lights used to be slightly different.

1. In the past, when metal halide lamps were used in stadiums / arenas

  • Reason 1-Turn off stadium lights and turn on again need to warm up
    After knowing the metal halide lamp, it is understood that it needs to be equipped with ballast to assist in turning on the lamp. The warm-up time usually takes 15-30 minutes. Imagine that if a stadium has four metal halide lamp poles, turning on the metal halide lamps on the four poles one by one will take at least one hour. This means that before night, the staff must reserve an hour to warm up the lights. The nightfall time of the four seasons is not the same. There is no way to accurately estimate the opening time. The sooner it can be opened, the better.
  • Reason 2-Daylight Abnormal
    We are incapable of changing natural phenomena. You must have seen such a situation. The sun was in the air in this second, and the sun hid behind the clouds the next second. If we are holding an important match at this time, will the visibility of the athletes be affected by the weather? Furthermore, the earth moves around the sun, that is, natural sunlight does not have a fixed position, it changes with the passage of time. Then the shadow of the building will appear on the ground. So the sport lights must be turned on from noon before the start of the game.
  • Reason 3-Cheerleaders need stadium lighting
    The cheerleading is absolutely indispensable for a fiercely competitive game. But as a rehearsal that requires teamwork, they need to get together to practice. In order not to occupy the athlete’s opportunity to use the stadium, cheerleaders scan only choose to rehearse after the evening game. Professional cheerleaders need to practice at the stadium for three nights every week.

2. At present, when led stadium lights are used in stadium / arena, only reasons 2 and 3are left to compare with metal halide lamps.

  • Maybe you are wondering why the first reason no longer exists? That’s because led stadium lights do not have ballasts, do not need preheating, and can be turned on and off immediately. In fact, what I want to say is that after using led stadium lites to solve the preheating problem, the reasons 2 and 3 mentioned above have been improved. The daylight can’t be changed abnormally, but after the match and cheerleading rehearsal, can the led sport light be turned off? The answer absolutely yes!


Switch to led stadium lights, if there is no schedule at night, it is really recommended to turn off the sport lights. This approach can effectively reduce the complaints from surrounding residents about the light pollution of lamps at night. Changing tradition stadium lighting to led sport light fixture will also help you save cost.

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