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What is a vapor proof / tight light fixture?

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There are many types of lamps on the market, mainly divided into residential lighting, commercial lighting, and industrial lighting. The vapor tight light is also called waterproof light fixtures, which can be used almost anywhere. It can be said that it is a very multi-use product. However, many people don’t know much about it. What is tri-proof? Which areas are suitable for applying it? What are the benefits of choosing it? Don’t worry, please read on, I believe this blog can answer questions.

What is vapor tight light fixture?

Vapor tight light fixtures are designed with silicone seals and special anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion materials to withstand harsh environments which are tight and wet. Compared with ordinary lamps, the anti-steam lamp is more perfect for protecting the circuit board, thus extending the service life of the light. The sealed box of some lamps generally has weak heat dissipation capability, and the led vaportite light has improved in this respect: the intelligent temperature control three special circuit is adopted, which effectively reduces the operating temperature of the inverter, and is a strong electric isolation protection circuit. And double insulation of the connector to ensure the safety and durability of the line. Some people have questions about vaportight light and vapor proof lights. What is the difference between them? In fact, they are the same, but everyone names them differently.


6 ideal applications for vaporproof lights.

1.Indoor garage
In fact, the vaporproof light and the garage seem to be interrelated. When lighting the garage, people always think of these vapor proof lighting fixture. In order to reduce the space occupied by the parking lot, it is usually set in the basement. In fact, B1 is a very humid and non-circulating place. When the garage is filled with water vapor and carbon dioxide dust from the vehicle, it is a huge challenge for the luminaire. If there is not enough protection, moisture and dust can easily enter the fixture, accelerating the loss of service life.
2.Processing factory
In the factory environment where the machine highspeed operation and the debris is flying, the environment is generally poor and the light is not good, so the requirements for lighting fixtures are also high. In addition, the power plant, steel, petrochemical, ship, and other places are highly corrosive, dusty and even rainy, and the lights must be water proof and corrosion-resistant. According to the actual working environment of the vaporproof light fixture, the surface of the outer surface of the fixture is subjected to nano-spraying moisture-proof and anti-corrosion treatment to prevent the entry of dust and moisture.
3.Car washes
The car wash is also a wet place. When cleaning a dusty car, space will be filled with water, dust, and soap. The most obvious effect on ordinary lamps is photochromism. If the chemical content of soap is too large, corrosion may occur and the lamps may be degraded. Purchase the vapor proof light fixture, you can eliminate the concern. It uses a high-strength die-cast aluminum casing, special surface coating and sealing treatment, and it has high airtightness, which helps to maintain the quality of light.
4.Industrial refrigerator
What environmental requirements are required for refrigeration? There is no hot pressing and visible space. As we all know, LED light source emits 70% less heat than fluorescent light, which is the champion of low-temperature lighting. The superior vapor tight led has a low total temperature rise and good heat dissipation, which reduces the condensation of water droplets to a certain extent and maintains the quality of the illumination.
In the high ceiling or shed warehouse which is full of shelves, the integrated streamlined cylinder structure of the lamp, the light projection is even and soft. The PC lampshade is optimized by the advanced illumination optics principle. The light is even, soft, glare-free and has no ghosting, which effectively avoids the discomfort and fatigue of the construction workers. The 120° beam angle can just illuminate the light on the shelves on both sides of the luminaire to meet the object illumination.
6.Shopping center
It can actually realize their value in the shopping center. When it rains or snows, you walk under the canopy aisle. Even if there are canopy above your head, you can still feel the drops of water falling on the body. The wet location in the shopping center, the lamps have to withstand bad weather. If these places do not guarantee sufficient lighting, there will be hidden dangers, customers will feel unsafe, and the visit rate will drop. Use the IP65 vapor tight fixture to improve the safety of the place.

In addition to these classic application scenarios, tunnels, subways, station waiting areas, swimming pools, general walkways, schools, supermarkets, overpasses, etc. are also suitable.


Advantages of vaporproof lighting

  • Lighting performance
    Thanks to the multi-point design, the light distribution of the lamp is more uniform and there are no dark spots. Moreover, the LED can also select the color temperature, from the warm white light of 3000k-6500k to positive white light, and increase the brightness visual perception for its place.
  • Save costs
    The use of advanced energy-saving LED light source, high luminous efficiency, long life of 60,000 hours, can save the annual replacement maintenance costs of fluorescent tubes. The power factor is greater than 0.95, the luminous efficiency is high, the light transmission is good, and the energy consumption generated by the conventional light source is 40%-70%. In one year, using 80 led vapor tight fixture can save more than $5,500 than wet location light for fluorescent tubes (1-4).
  • Emergency lighting
    For public places such as parking lots, shops, warehouses, etc., each country’s fire safety requirements must have a small number of luminaires that need to have emergency functions to avoid dangerous situations. In 2019, the improved version of the vaportight lamp, especially the emergency battery-package option. Its function is indispensable for the purchase of lights in engineering projects.
  • Dimming
    It means that you don’t need to manually turn on the luminaires, and with the dimming function, you can free up manpower. And lighting is smarter, even if it’s not at night when the storm comes, the environment will be darkened, and the lights will automatically sense and start.
  • Sensing
    When you think the light has a dimming function, but the cost of lighting one night is still too high. It is also possible to add motion sensing, the light will only emit 100% of the light when the object is sensed, and only 20% of the brightness will be maintained.
  • Eco-friendly
    There are no ultraviolet and infrared rays in the LED spectrum. Low heat and no stroboscopic protection can protect vision, and waste can be recycled, no pollution, no harmful elements of mercury, safe touch, and a true green illumination source.
  • Shockproof
    Multi-channel anti-vibration structure and integrated design ensure long-term safe operation in high frequency and multi-frequency vibration environment.


Why use this waterproof lighting? This vapor tight light is rugged and highly resistant, providing clear, energy-efficient lighting at a low cost. Using it will result in reliable positioning and will last for years. It is backed by a 5-year warranty.

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