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What is led tri proof light?

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LED tri-proof light is eco-friendly to replace fluorescent. LED tri-proof light is designed to be used in the most difficult working environments. It is waterproof, dustproof and corrosion-resistant to provide you with high-quality lighting.

The high-strength alloy shell is used for special surface spraying and sealing treatment, making the tri-proof light very durable and long-lasting. There will be no failure in long-term use under high temperature and high humidity and various corrosive and harsh environments.

The tri-proof light fixture has an anti-attack function and can resist 5-20 joules of impact.

In addition, the connectors and plugs of the tri-proof lights fixture are double insulated, and their thickness ensures that the key connections will not affect the lighting due to high-temperature melting.

These show that our tri-proof light is extremely sturdy. That's why our fixtures are the best lighting solution you can trust.

ip69k led tri proof light

The following advantages/features more fully illustrate that XSY led tri proof light is the best lighting fixture.

  • Save energy
    LED Tri-proof light can save 85% energy compared to traditional fluorescent lamps. Save your energy costs more than traditional lamps at the same or higher lighting quality.
  • Anti-glare
    LED tri-proof light Light transmission parts are optimized and designed with advanced lighting optics principles, uniform light, no ghosting, no glare, making it suitable for factory production areas, schools, warehouses, subways, corridors, and stairwells.
  • Quick wiring
    In order to improve the installation efficiency of engineering projects, our tri-proof lights are designed with optimal wiring methods. It also eliminates the need to connect ballasts and starters, making installation quicker.
  • Longer lifespan
    Through a series of aging tests, high-quality led tri-proof lights get extremely long life expectancy, which reduces maintenance costs.
  • Anti-seismic function
    Our tri-proof light adopts double-layer thick film structure and IK08-IK10 impact protection to ensure long-term safe operation in multi-impact and multi-vibration environments.
  • Multiple installation options
    The environmentally friendly tri-proof led light fixture has pipe mounting, suspension mounting, and ceiling mounting to meet your lighting function or design preference.
  • Eco-friendly
    The LED spectrum is free of ultraviolet and infrared light, and led tri-proof lights do not contain lead or mercury.


If the environment is harsh but needs lighting, it is recommended to use a durable led tri proof light. XSY Lighting will provide you with the best lighting solution to maximize lighting and minimize costs.


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