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Walk in cooler lighting & freezer led lights

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Did you know that it is costly to lighting cold storage without using the correct lights? Mainly because these systems, cooling, and lighting, account for a large portion of operating expenses. If you are using a high-energy consumption light fixture, they generate a lot of heat will increase the cooling cost of the facility. In addition, the use of poor cold-resistant products will inevitably increase the maintenance cost of the light fixture product.

The basic requirements of cold room ceiling lighting

  • Resistant low-temperature
    According to customer feedback, the temperature range of the cold room is 0-15 ° C, and the temperature of the freezer room must be below -40 ° C.
  • With less heat
    The low-temperature resistance for the lights is not enough. They also need to generate less heat, so as not to increase the load on the refrigeration system.
  • Easy to clean
    Most refrigerators and freezers are food storage spaces. The appearance requirements of products are preferably smooth or easy to clean without dust accumulation.
  • Waterproof
    Since the lamp needs to be cleaned, it must be waterproof, otherwise, it will increase maintenance costs. In addition, in the low-temperature environment for a long time, the surface of the lamp will accumulate water vapor. To prevent the led commercial lights from being damaged by electricity leakage, it must have a waterproof rated of IP65 to IP66.
  • Less maintenance.
    Light fixtures with low maintenance, such as walk-in cooler led lights, can eliminate the high labor costs and the need to frequently replace damaged light fixtures.

The best choice for walk-in cooler & freezer led lights

Why are traditional lights not suitable for cold storage?

Traditional lamps (such as fluorescent, HPS, HID lamps) not only consume a lot of power but also generate a lot of heat. The end result is to speed the refrigeration system to compensate for heat emissions, which will increase costs. Their light angle is 360 degrees, which will cause a waste of light. Lamps that originally had only 10,000 hours of life will further shorten their life in cold environments. Perhaps you have chosen to improve the insulation materials in the building or optimize the system to reduce the cooling cost, but it is not as good as using LED walk-in coolers & freezers lights to efficiently solve the problem.

Our cooler LEDs can prevent moisture and can output high-quality light even when working at low temperatures. The walk-in cooler LED lighting is the preferred technology for cold applications. If you don't know which light fixtures to choose, please contact us.

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