ufo high bay vs linear high bay

UFO High Bay vs Linear High Bay

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What do I need to consider when buying a light?

Think about it:

  1. How high do you want to hang high bay lights?
  2. Is it in line with the building usage and then determine how much light is needed?
  3. Do you like UFO or linear overhead style? LED technology is the same, so easy to install or looks preferred
  4. Motion. Your choice is need or want. If so, do you want it in the light or separate?

What are the characteristics of UFO high bay led lights?

Cooling: The led high bay ufo light has a large heat sink. The aluminum heat sink can improve durability, improve operating performance and keep the light cool. The housing of the luminaire is made of aluminum, which can dissipate heat well.

What is UFO High Bay?

LED UFO high bay light is another common shop lighting fixture. People sometimes call it a “UFO” because it has a circular light panel and a smaller driver on top.

With its outstanding performance, heavy-duty structure, round design, and powerful beams, the UFO high compartment is considered to have a strong, durable appearance that is aesthetically attractive in modern applications.

Because they don’t require a reflector to reflect light in a specific direction like HID lights, they can also be compact. They have a fin tail design that helps to dissipate a small amount of heat evenly to cool it.

What is LED linear high bay?

When you are faced with a task that must illuminate a vast space, there is no doubt that you will stop and think twice. There are many types of high-lumen lights, so it’s helpful to do some research before making any decision. One type of light source you need to study is linear led high bay lighting. The linear led high bay is a linear structured luminaire, and its light source is led. It is designed to illuminate a wide area that requires maximum light output. The led linear high bay has a longer diode arrangement, which can produce a larger beam angle. This uses modern led high-bay technology and extends the length. Longer and wider than ufo lights, it gives you different options. Obviously, it is ideal for warehouse aisles or other narrow areas.

Here are some examples of using linear led high bay lights to be all the best choices:

1. Warehouse lighting

Warehouse lighting should be uniform and glare-free to make the production space efficient and intelligent. There are still many choices in lighting. You can choose ufo led high ceiling lights or linear high ceiling lights, but lighting these warehouses is usually challenging because most warehouses are limited by huge shelves. A tunnel was formed inside the building. But don’t worry, linear high bay lighting can use the latest technology to solve this problem. These fixtures form an elevated bay that evenly distributes light output over the area and forms a space that looks full of life.

2. Retail aisle lighting

A retail store has to impress customers and walk into your store to enjoy the ideal shopping experience. These are many lighting challenges that retail stores face. Shops and some indoor markets have high ceilings and span large areas. At this time, led linear high ceiling lights are the ideal solution to provide evenly distributed lighting. Not only do they provide great lighting, but the point is also that they look good. The stylish appearance of the new led lighting will attract customers’ attention and love.

3. Indoor sports field lighting

The safety of sports athletes is primary. In order to ensure the safety and best performance of athletes, indoor sports facilities must be equipped with first-class lighting systems. Led linear high sheds can provide sufficient light for indoor sports fields and enhance the overall atmosphere of indoor sports fields. There are many good led sports stadium lights, but a 300-watt linear high bay light will be your most economical choice.

The reason why led linear high bay lights have better prospects than ordinary high bay lights is that their cost and energy efficiency has increased by more than 90%, and they have provided twice the output required for half the investment. In addition, the dimming function makes it lighter than regular options.

Low-cost, energy-saving, and infinitely productive linear led high ceiling lights are undoubtedly recommended to anyone looking for the ideal product to brighten their space.

You may be wondering why the ufo elevation should be chosen if the performance of the linear elevation is equally good. In addition to their shapes, there are some key differences.

The beam angle of the ufo led high bay can be sharpened with polycarbonate mirrors to fully illuminate small areas. Its circular diode arrangement and lumen range make our led ufo lights ideal for shallow, more open spaces. On the other hand, led linear high bays to have a longer diode arrangement, which can produce a wider beam angle. When ceilings are installed at high locations, they perform best, making them an excellent solution for narrow spaces such as high-rise channels.

Due to the different shapes, the light distribution of the two high stands is also different. Another reason linear tall scaffolds are great for lighting aisles is that they output a uniform rectangular beam. The ufo high shed emits a circular beam.

Comparison of light distribution curves

For linear high ceilings, the light distribution is rectangular. For round high bays, the light distribution is round.

Led linear high bay luminaires can be applied to corridors, warehouse shelves, and other places to achieve uniform lighting effects. Applying circular led high scaffolds to these locations will not achieve the same effect, and even cause waste of light, which ultimately leads to increased energy costs.

The advantages of the round led overhead are high installation efficiency and low labor cost, which can be used in open spaces and places without special requirements.

Consider shape and beam size

Different fixture shape factors project different beam sizes and shapes. Round high bays such as ufo will project a conical beam(usually 120 or 90 degrees), making it more focused and controllable for light distribution. But this also means that if they are too far apart from each other, you may encounter undesired “ white spots” between those that a cone beam cannot reach. Linear high bays, on the other hand, project rectangular beams, so they will effectively distribute light in areas such as aisles and long benches. When creating a lighting design, it is helpful to keep in mind the shape and beam size.

You can choose according to your needs.

Of course, please don't worry. If you don't know how to choose the light, you can browse the page, it will give you unexpected surprise. Here's another way to help, please contact [email protected]. Our professional sales team and top engineers will design the solution for you.

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