The ultimate guide to buying LED magnetic strip lights

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LED strip lights are becoming more and more popular for people. You’ve probably heard that LEDs are more energy efficient, brighter, more durable, do not generate too much heat, are easier to control and program than incandescent bulbs or even halogen bulbs… the list goes on and on.

Linear (bar) lighting has become very popular and become an affordable option for commercial and residential lighting. Linear LED retrofit kit with magnetic LED strips. Due to the brightness and long life, the LED retrofit kit quickly replaces the fluorescent tubes in the fixture. The latest LED technology.

Main features of the LED magnetic strip lights

  1. Magnet mounting, combined with screw, saving half human work.
  2. Optional: magnetic strip light add PC cover or not.
  3. 1-10V Dimmable Driver to Reduce operating cost.
  4. Designed for direct insertion into an existing troffer housing.
  5. Quick connector, reduce mounting work.
  6. High lumen effcacy, up to 130LM/W and 150LM/W
  7. 4000K, 5000K standard, other colors available

What does the LED driver do?

LED drivers are mainly used for three purposes:

  • Most customers’project require 120-277V AC, but LEDs rely on low-voltage DC. Therefore, the driver changes the higher voltage AC current to a lower voltage DC current to match the voltage at which the LED light needs to operate.
  • Our conventional voltage is AC120-277V. Of course, as long as you need it, we can also customize the high voltage 480V for you.
  • The input voltage of the driver must be the same as the voltage required by the driver. Otherwise, a voltage change can cause flicker.

What does the magnetic strip light kit contain?

All of our kits include a quick connect cable with one LED power supply and two, three or four light strips, and a light strip connected to the drive. Our light strap is fitted with a PC cover to better protect your eyes.

Install LED strip

When buying a light bar, you should know how to install and set them up. In fact, it is easy to install and saves labor. The following is our further detailed introduction:

  • Understand the total length of the required LED strips
  • How many separate strips are needed
  • Understand the power and voltage requirements of the strip, whether to choose high voltage or low voltage
  • Flexibility of LED strips
  • Determine if other components are needed, such as connectors or extra wires
  • Determine how to dim, control or program the set strips
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