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The appeal of factory lighting

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Choosing the right factory lighting requires some skills.

When choosing factory lighting, the first thing to consider is the height of the ceiling. Most factories have higher ceilings than elsewhere. You should also consider your ceiling type, as not all fixtures are compatible with all ceilings.

You measure the distance from the ceiling to the work plane and from the ceiling to the floor. To figure out the expected lumen of a building,you need to have these measurements ready. The general rule is that you need one foot of candle per square foot of space, but this will also depend on other factors.

The main reasons why manufacturing companies choose to invest in upgrading their factory lighting to energy-efficient industrial lighting are:

  1. Greatly reduced the power cost of its industrial lighting installations
  2. Reduce the maintenance cost of its industrial lighting system
  3. Improve the quality and intensity of lighting to improve factory operations and working conditions for employees

Our high-bay led luminaires provide factory led lighting that provides an unexpectedly safe, durable and cost-effective lighting solution. Excellent beam uniformity and high lumens per watt will provide the best long-term lighting for your facility. In addition to the added benefit of providing clear lighting in the workplace, led lights provide a low-cost and cost-effective way to reduce electricity bills in factories. This can be achieved by:

  1. It is possible to optimize the position and spacing of the lamps and use the appropriate light intensity to match the layout of the factory floor and the location of the machinery
  2. Exchange old high-shed or low-shed lamps( such as metal halide, sodium or T12 fluorescent tubes) in exchange for new durable energy-saving industrial lamps (such as led and LED T8 tubes)
  3. Use intelligent industrial lighting control systems to adjust lighting levels in response to occupation of factory areas and available natural light intensity

Lighting advantages

  • Factory safety

In the final analysis, the safety of factories is also the safety of workers. Only by ensuring the physical and mental health of employees can factory safety be achieved. As a result, poor lighting in the workplace can cause a range of health problems. That’s why it’s critical that factories and other business locations have the right lighting solutions. Some health problems caused by poor factory lighting include headaches, fatigue, and eye fatigue. Our led factory lighting helps eliminate the hassle of getting workers in and out of the shadows as this can lead to dangerous situations. The beam uniformity in lighting is a very important variable when considering which light source to buy. XSY Lighting’s factory luminaires have been carefully designed and manufactured to produce excellent beam uniformity while also acting as an efficient light source. This effect will provide your staff with a clear and clean lighting space, and employees can identify Danger. They will also be able to know if their work enviroment is unsafe.

  • Efficient performance

The common task of factory lighting is to increase productivity. Our energy-efficient factory lighting reduces business costs and becomes practical and sustainable. Led lighting for factory facilities is the most energy-saving technology. We have patented heat dissipation technology. LED lighting provides more lumens per watt and maintains a longer service life, thereby reducing the maintenance costs of warehouse distribution centers.

  • Improve visibility

The factory has many dangerous machines and operations. By using higher-quality led lights to improve visibility, employees can avoid accidents. Uniform lighting in the factory space is critical because it improves employee performance. When the brightness in the field of view is fairly uniform, the human eye can work more comfortably and effectively, reducing the adverse health effects of eye fatigue. The higher brightness of the LED will help compensate for poor contrast and smaller objects, and can reduce operating costs by up to 75%. Good visibility can reduce accidents at work.

Cost-effectiveness of factory lighting

As mentioned above, higher brightness can reduce operating costs by up to 75%, and replacing existing factory lights with LED replacements can reduce your monthly electricity bill by as much as 75%, which is why many businesses reasons for these lighting solutions. The reason is not difficult to see, that is because factory lighting using LED lights can be more economical. Unlike traditional lighting, LED factory lighting provides enterprises with a return on investment and will recover costs over time. In addition, the LED light has a long service life, which can also bring lower maintenance costs and rebates to the enterprise.

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