Reveal: Why Chinese LED Manufatures are So Popular?

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Led lighting is getting more and more accepted and loved by it. Global demand for LED lighting continues to grow strongly. In China, when you find a lot of led lighting manufactures, don't feel very strange, because they have attracted the attention of the world. It is still very valuable to keep the quality of the product supreme when the price is not high. Do you know now? This is why China's led light will become the first choice for Western buyers to warmly welcome and purchase. This situation is likely to continue in the foreseeable future.

So, since we talked about LED manufacture, let us first understand what LED is, about the history of LED, how much do you know?

LED History

Everything in the world, everything has a history of its own, from the beginning of the formation, along with time, slowly evolving.

Light is a great invention of mankind to conquer the night, have a light, let us break the night.

The light, also has the beginning, also has the evolution, also has the history.

For hundreds of thousands of years, human beings have been using firelight for lighting, until they understood and mastered the law of electricity and invented point light source, the history of human beings using lamp for lighting entered a new stage.

Light-emitting diode technology was first patented by scientists at Texas Instruments in 1961. They were first introduced to the market in 1962, but they are highly specialized and have been widely used as small red lights on electronic devices since the late 1960s. It was not until the 2000s that LEDs became truly viable universal light sources, reading 100 lumens per watt by 2006.

What is LED Lighting?

A diode is an electrical device or component with two electrodes (anode and cathode) through which current flows in only one direction (from the anode and from the cathode). Diodes are typically made of semiconductor material, such as silicon or selenium, which in some cases is not electrically conductive (eg, at certain voltages, current levels, or light intensities). The led fixtures on the market are led high bay light, led area light, led panel light, led vapor light, led solar light, led flood light, led stadium light, etc. XSY are the most professional led high bay light manufacturer.

As the global LED market continues to grow, LED lighting manufacturers are still leading the market. In the last few decades, LEDs have never produced any damage to the environment because LEDs consume very much energy. There is no doubt that LED lights have quickly replaced incandescent and fluorescent light sources. LED light has a longer life than incandescent light. It is also worth mentioning that the efficiency of LED lighting does not depend on the shape and size, which is different from fluorescent lights.

LED Lighting Market Prospects

Let's go back to the topic of LED manufacture. The cost of manufacturing and installing LED luminaires is decreasing. This is why the end-user industry is increasingly adopting LED lighting systems. The world's top LED lighting companies are investing in LED manufacturing technology that will enable them to produce efficient, environmentally friendly products for their customers.

By 2022, in North America alone, the LED light market is expected to achieve nearly $7 billion in incremental growth. During the forecast period of 2018-2022, the compound annual growth rate of the market is expected to be close to 12%.

LED Lighting Industry Trends: The Future of LED Lighting Manufacturers

Although the LED industry is already a major industry in China, there is still great potential for further growth.

The demand for LED lighting continues to grow, and the main factor behind this is environmental factors. Not only in China, but traditional incandescent lamps in many parts of the world are being phased out, not to mention, as prices fall, the efficiency of LED lighting will lead to a significant increase in its market share.

Especially for B2B and wholesale buyers, it makes sense to buy from Chinese LED lighting manufacturers. The biggest reason is that you can save a lot of money for your business. In China, competitors in the economy are healthy, which allows LED producers to maintain high production volumes because they know they will keep high demand for products in the medium term. In turn, the reason why buyers believe that supply will not suddenly disappear is because of this.

One of the problems that China's large LED lighting manufacturers may be worried about is that the Chinese government has an economic and political advantage in controlling most of the global LED lighting supply, so it may surpass itself. At present, there are thousands of companies producing LED components in China, many of which are uneconomical small companies. In some cases, they are almost not profitable at all. However, as China's long-term growth has slowed slightly, the smallest growth is steadily rising.

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