• 135lm/w-140lm/w, the high quality of light emitted
  • AC100-277V/277-480V
  • 300W-450W-600W-750W-1000W-1250W-1500W
  • 15°/30° beam angle, push more light to the ground
  • 5 years warranty, 7 years warranty
  • Solide State deign, all parts are individual, rugged and strong
  • Ideal for basketball, tennis, football and other stadium lighting
  • DLC, ETL, CE certificate

SLA high power light, designed for stadium lighting

XSY Lighting in China offers LED indoor & outdoor stadium lights designed to meet the changing lighting requirements of stadiums and arenas. LED stadium lights (SLA Series) can replace 450W to 2000W metal halide(MH) lamp /HPS/HID lamps, which can effectively save you energy and maintenance costs. In addition to resisting harsh environments, Corrosion-resistant die-cast aluminum construction also provides good heat dissipation, which reduces the stress on the air conditioning system. Another advantage of LED stadium lights is that they don't buzz or flicker like traditional stadium lighting systems.


sla parameter
stadium lighting parameter 2
Model No.PowerLumenInput VoltageCCTBeam AngleOperation TempCRISize









15°/ 30°



-40°to 45°





Structure display

led stadium light fixture
stadium light fixture-mobile
  • Laser pointer: for precision aiming
  • LED driver: AC100-277/AC200-480V, Meanwell driver with 20KV super protection
  • Bracket: U bracket&Rotating mounting bracket optional
  • Housing: IP66 rated, for wet location; corrosion resistant die-cast aluminum construction
  • Lens: 15°/30°
  • Trim: blue, red, orange, green color optional

Stadium lighting case

football field lights
football field lighting

750W LED Stadium Light for Football field in South America

Basic information:

  • Football field size:105*70m
  • Number of old lights: 36pcs 2000W MH stadium lights
  • Height: 6pcs 20M pole
  • Average illuminance required: 320lux


  • Replacement:750W led Football field lights
  • Use 30pcs 750W led football field lighting SLA
  • Beam Angle: 15°
  • CCT: 5000K
  • Average illumination: 360lux



I. Installation for Laser pointer

laser pointer installation
laser pointer installation-mobile
  1. Put the aluminum ring into the aiming device and tighten 2 screws direction by the laser. Insert the fixing bracket into the aluminum ring and tighten the screws.
  2. Remove the screw with the tool(counterclockwise)
  3. Tighten the screws, fix the aiming devices
  4. Turn on the sights, and confirm the light direction by the laser.

II.U bracket Installation

u bracket Installation
  1. Drill hole according to the required installation hole distance
  2. Align the hole position and fix the lamp with screws
  3. Wired as required, do good in waterproof measures
  4. Adjust the screws and adjust the bracket to the required angle

III.Rotating bracket Installation

rotating bracket installation
  1. Fix the base and bracket with screws as drawn
  2. Drill hole according to the required installation hole distance
  3. Adjust to the required angle and fix the bracket with screw
  4. Wired as required, do good in waterproof measures
  5. Adjust the screws and adjust the bracket to the required angle

SLA Light Distribution

light distribution

Stadium Lighting Applications for SLA

Our stadiumlights can be used for outdoor and indoor lighting, offer lighting for soccer, football, baseball, hockey, basketball, tennis, lacrosse as well as for lighting the audience area, parking lots and sidewalk areas, etc.

hockey stadium

Hockey stadium

tennis stadium

Tennis stadium

sfa led stadium lights application sports center

Soccer stadium

sfa led stadium lights application stadium

Football field

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