• Passed 65m/s anti-wind performance testing (equivalent to 17 winds)
  • AC100-277V/277-480V
  • Lighting protection, suitable for harsh outdoor enviroment
  • Solide State deign, all parts are individual, rugged and strong
  • Easy installation, 240°adjustable bracket
  • Narrow beam angle offer perfect solutions for wharf, airport and indoor stadium ect
  • ETL, CE certificate


sfa led stadium lights specification mobile version 1
sfa led stadium lights specification mobile version 2
Model No.PowerLumenCCTInput VoltageBeam AngleOperation TempCRIHeat sink dimension






60°/ 90° 

-20°to 45°





XSY-SFA-450W450W15°/ 30°
XSY-SFA-600W600W15°/ 40°
XSY-SFA-800W800W15°/ 30°

SFA LED Stadium lights, better for sale.

One of the biggest advantages of SFA stadium lights is that heat dissipation is very good. Designed with a high degree of protection up to IP65. The led SFA stadium lights from XSY Lighting manufacturer/supplier pass the 65m/s windproof performance test ( equivalent to 17 winds) to withstand the harsh outdoor environment. High lumen efficiency up to 150 lm/w with no flicker. Can meet the lighting requirements of high-definition television broadcasting to promote sports events. Green and environmental protection. Sports lighting fixtures are free of lead, mercury and other polluting elements.

Dialux Design Case

stadium light dialux design case 1
stadium lights dialux design case 2
Poles 6*6m
Floodlight 120*SFA 600W LED
Floodlight Type XSY-SFA-150W-5000K-Ra70
Field Measure 32*19.31m
Eav 82 lx
Emax/Emin0.463 lx
Ra >70
ULR 13%



SFA High-quality LED stadium lights are easy to install and easy to maintain, without loose screws and falling.


SFA  Photometric Diagram

SFA photometric diagram

The fewer poles in the stadium, the more poles they need to reach in order to maintain uniformity. In these cases, we need to use a smaller beam angle, the beam can travel farther and maintain higher ground reach. Therefore, with SFA product, the entire football field can be illuminated brightly and evenly.

SFA Drawing

SFA drawing 300W、450W、600/800W

LED SFA Stadium Light Applications

Our stadiumlights can be used for outdoor and indoor lighting, offer lighting for soccer, football, baseball, hockey, basketball, tennis, lacrosse as well as for lighting the audience area, parking lots and sidewalk areas, etc.

sfa led stadium lights application baseball stadium

Baseball stadium

sfa led stadium lights application basketball court

Basketball court

sfa led stadium lights application sports center

Soccer field

sfa led stadium lights application stadium

Football stadium

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