Commercial Solar Parking Lot Lighting

A bright parking lot can enhance user safety and visibility while promoting the consumption power of commercial areas. Because it is not within the scope of the power grid, there is no need to dig trenches to cause ground damage. The most important thing is that, compared with ordinary LED parking lights, it does not generate any electricity costs, which can save a lot of money for businesses.

LED fixtures for solar parking lot lights

XSY soalr light fixtures use Seoul LEDs to provide a wide range of lighting intensity and distribution patterns to suit any shape or size parking lot. Solar powered parking lot lights can help protect your business and pedestrians, thereby better attracting customers. Solar LED parking lot lights are the best solution for paved parking lots.

Knight Series

Solar parking lot lights featuring a 20w/30w/40w integrated style led fixture.

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Airship Series

Solar LED parking lot lights ( 30W/40W ) with built-in MPPT technology can track maximum sunlight.

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Batman Series

20w / 40w Solar LED parking lot light fixtures featuring detachable battery pack, easy to maintain or replace.

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Solar powered parking lot lighting systems

The above three solar powered parking lot lighting series are all integrated design. what does this mean? We integrate monocrystalline silicon solar panels, batteries, controllers, and Nichia / Seoul LED module boards into all in one solar light. This design is conducive to saving transportation space, easy to install, and reducing maintenance. In fact, the durable battery does not require frequent maintenance, but it is built into the lamp and installed in a high place, which can effectively prevent theft. The inclusion of all modules in the solar led parking lot light has greatly helped prevent rust.


How about the solar parking lot light technology?

Our solar panels use the MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) charge controller, which can convert 90% of solar energy into electrical energy.
We also adopted an energy management model. EMS can automatically detect the charging and discharging capacity of the solar panel, thus ensuring that the solar parking lot lights can be lit every day even on ten rainy days.
The PIR motion sensor saves you money, because it only emits 100% of the light when it detects someone, and only outputs 50% -70% of the brightness at other times.

Solar Lighting Projects

Commercial LED solar lights are not only suitable for parking lot. In fact, it is also used in streets, roads, shopping plazas, warehouses, parks, schools, commercial or industrial buildings, medium to large areas, etc.

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