• Ultra thin design with Driver inside the housing
  • AC100-240V/100-277V, multi beam angles
  • Multi watts, three sizes, suitable for all kinds of applications
  • Innovation blue Gasket design ensure IP66 Waterproof rated
  • Pure aluminum with a huge cooling area
  • Big PCB board offer enough space for led series
  • DLC, ETL, SAA certificate


cs led floodlight specification mobile version 1
cs led floodlight specification mobile version 2
Model No. Power Input Voltage CRI CCT Beam Angle Luminous Efficiency Power Factor
XSY-FLHC10 10W  















30° 60° 90° 120° TYPE II TYPE III TYPE IV TYPE V









XSY-FLHC100 100W
XSY-FLHC150 150W
XSY-FLHC200 200W
XSY-FLHC300 300W

LED Floodlight C Series ( CS )

Led floodlight C series, its ultra-thin design is the exclusive selling point of XSY, pure aluminum, with a huge cooling area, the driver inside the casing, easy to transport and install. Large PCB boards provide enough space for the LED series. The blue clip design ensures the IP66 rating, The clip can also be replaced with your favorite color

  •  Ultra-thin design

  • The driver inside the housing, convenient to transport and install. 

  • Multi powers, three sizes, suitable for all kinds of applications

 Ultra-thin design
blue clip
  • IP66 waterproof rating floodlight.

  • Blue IP66 waterproof clip, a variety of colors to choose from: blue, red, black, etc.

  • Die-cast aluminum for efficient heat dissipation.

  • Better to absorb the heating from the light source, make the life of led longer.

heat sink

Wide beam angle:

30°, 60°, 90°, 120°, Type II, Type III, Type IV, Type V.

beam angle

LED Floodlight Install Guide

CS install guide 1
  • Drilling, and install expansion screw, Install the floodlight with nut.
  • Tighten the Nut.
  • Connect the wire.
CS install guide 2
  • Use this screw to adjust the bracket angle.
  • Be installed on the wall.
  • Be installed on the ground.

LED Floodlight Applications

flood light application residential decoration

Garden lighting

flood light application hotel exterior

Hotel exterior

led floodlight application outdoor floodlight

Outdoor floodlight

flood light application garden lighting

Residential decoration

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