• Up to 6000 Lumen(40W),High efficacy Nichia/Seoul LED chips, 60000 hours/10 years lifetime.
  • EMS Energy management sysetem,ensure 10 rainy day back up.
  • Built-in MPPT technology to track the maximum sun for quick charging.
  • 18 hours full brightness after full charge, or 36 hours in dimming mode.
  • Pure aluminum extruded housing, battery replaceable design.
  • IP66 Waterproof and pass 16 grade wind proof test.
  • Ajustable multiple installation angles either for straight single arm pole or curve double arms.
  • 2 year warranty, 6 years long lifetime battery.


Model No. Light Output Light Efficacy Solar Panel         (conversion rate) Charging Time Working Time DIM Mode Recommended Installation Height Recommended Installation Distance Battery Warranty Working Temperature
XSY-BK-10 10W 1500lm  





9-10 hours (5-6 hours full bright sun)



Bright mode:18 hours; DIM mode:36 hours

First 3 hours: full brightness, last 9 hours in dimmable mode (60% bright  with people, 30% bright without people) 2.5-3.5 m 15 m 111WH  


2 Years



-20°C to 60°C

XSY-BK-20 20W 3000lm 3-5 m 178WH
XSY-BK-30 30W 4500lm First 3hours full brightness, later 3hours 60% brightness,
last 6 hours 20% brightness
4-6 m 25 m 222WH
XSY-BK-40 40W 6000lm 356WH

Solar LED Street Lights BK Series

Solar led street lights PIR motion sensor activates the intelligent power-saving mode and the most economical Cavalier series, professional waterproof design, protection class IP66. It has a specially designed lens with a wide beam angle, easy installation, and high conversion rate. MPPT intelligent controller, overheat protection, battery overcharge protection, and over-discharge protection. Ternary lithium battery or phroshape lithium iron battery.

15-degree , Pole Mount Installation Solar LED Street Lights

  • Unique innovative design.

  • Germany imported solar panel up to 21% conversion rate(poly or mono crystalinesi cone solar panel).

  • Installation method: 15 degree, pole mount installation.

solar led street lights
  • Battery is in the lamp body.

  • Battery replaceable, simply open several screws to replace the battery pack.

  • All in one aviation aluminum housing, strong and durable structure. Quality from outside to inside.

solar led street lights
solar street lights len and chips
  • Unique lens and wide beam angle light distribution, the large distance between poles, fewer lamps are needed to make the cost of the total project less. 

  • Very high  brightness Korean brand Seoul led chips

  • Intelligent MPPT controller with PIR motion sensor automatically controls and protect the working condition of the lamp.

  • Energy management system( EMS ): ensure as long as 10 days rainy days backup.

  • Overcharging and over-discharging protection.

  • High temperature working protection.

  • With controller

solar street lights BK smart control
  • High Efficient Lithium Batteries, good high-temperature performance, can be large current discharging, more than 800 times of recharging.

  • 2 years warranty, 6 years lifetime, optional 8 years lifetime battery.


LED Solar Street Lights GK Application

BK application area lighting

Area lighting

BK application conrtyard

Park road

BK application rural


BK application street


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