• Up to 6000 Lumen(40W),High efficacy Nichia/Seoul LED chips, 60000 hours/10 years lifetime.
  • EMS Energy management sysetem,ensure 10 rainy day back up.
  • Built-in MPPT technology to track the maximum sun for quick charging.
  • 18 hours full brightness after full charge, or 36 hours in dimming mode.
  • Pure aluminum extruded housing, battery replaceable design.
  • IP66 Waterproof and pass 16 grade wind proof test.
  • Ajustable multiple installation angles either for straight single arm pole or curve double arms.
  • 2 year warranty, 6 years long lifetime battery.


Model No.Light OutputLight EfficacySolar Panel         (conversion rate)Charging TimeWorking TimeDIM ModeRecommended Installation HeightRecommended Installation DistanceBatteryWarrantyWorking Temperature





9-10 hours (5-6 hours full bright sun)



Bright mode:18 hours; DIM mode:36 hours

First 3 hours: full brightness, last 9 hours in dimmable mode (60% bright  with people, 30% bright without people)2.5-3.5 m15 m111WH 


2 Years



-20°C to 60°C

XSY-BK-2020W3000lm3-5 m178WH
XSY-BK-3030W4500lmFirst 3hours full brightness, later 3hours 60% brightness,
last 6 hours 20% brightness
4-6 m25 m222WH

Solar LED Street Lights BK Series

Solar led street lights PIR motion sensor activates the intelligent power-saving mode and the most economical Cavalier series, professional waterproof design, protection class IP66. It has a specially designed lens with a wide beam angle, easy installation, and high conversion rate. MPPT intelligent controller, overheat protection, battery overcharge protection, and over-discharge protection. Ternary lithium battery or phroshape lithium iron battery.

15-degree , Pole Mount Installation Solar LED Street Lights

  • Unique innovative design.

  • Germany imported solar panel up to 21% conversion rate(poly or mono crystalinesi cone solar panel).

  • Installation method: 15 degree, pole mount installation.

solar led street lights
  • Battery is in the lamp body.

  • Battery replaceable, simply open several screws to replace the battery pack.

  • All in one aviation aluminum housing, strong and durable structure. Quality from outside to inside.

solar led street lights
solar street lights len and chips
  • Unique lens and wide beam angle light distribution, the large distance between poles, fewer lamps are needed to make the cost of the total project less. 

  • Very high  brightness Korean brand Seoul led chips

  • Intelligent MPPT controller with PIR motion sensor automatically controls and protect the working condition of the lamp.

  • Energy management system( EMS ): ensure as long as 10 days rainy days backup.

  • Overcharging and over-discharging protection.

  • High temperature working protection.

  • With controller

solar street lights BK smart control
  • High Efficient Lithium Batteries, good high-temperature performance, can be large current discharging, more than 800 times of recharging.

  • 2 years warranty, 6 years lifetime, optional 8 years lifetime battery.


LED Solar Street Lights GK Application

BK application area lighting

Area lighting

BK application conrtyard

Park road

BK application rural


BK application street


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