How Important is NSF Food Bay Light High CRI

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When you want to show products to customers, when you want customers to understand what you mean, perhaps you can choose to make and distribute posters, or even redeem coupons. However, these are not the only ways to sell. The thing that first remembers and decides whether it is a good thing is the one that originally came into view. The human eye perceives your product in different ways and perceives the color of the product in different ways, even if they are as bright as each other.

The only thing that can change the original appearance of the product is your light.

Here are the three places I want to enter with you today. Let us experience a different visual feast that brings us different light.

Wake up your taste buds – restaurant lighting

Although you may be busy with the cover of the tablecloth, the selection of the wall hanging, and the careful consideration of how to paint the perfect color for the kitchen, etc., however, please remember that restaurant light – choosing the right lighting will bring success to your restaurant.

The good and comfortable lighting you provide to your customers will mean that customers will stay longer on your side. The best ending to awaken the taste buds is to increase the appetite of the customers. The lamps with high CRI will show the best color. The chances of choosing delicious food are also increased. Restaurant lighting designs, adding comfortable furniture and indispensable music, it’s obvious that it can have a huge impact on sales.

Whether it’s for passers-by to notice your building or create a welcoming environment, XSY-food bay light can help you attract and retain customers.


NSF Certified LED Food Processing Lights are specifically designed to meet all the stringent food-grade luminaire guidelines. Designed to replace 250W to 400W+ Metal Halide. These stylish food processing high bays can provide bright, economical light and create a safe work environment. Our Food Grade LEDs are the perfect food process lighting fixture. They are watertight for easy cleaning and sterilization. DLC Qualified, NSF certified.

First impression – fitting room

One is the first place where customers can see that they are wearing fashion. Whether clothing can enter the customer’s heart in the best way is the key moment for customers to decide whether to buy. Displaying products is very important, especially in terms of apparel.

The best illumination is, of course, the preferred natural light, but what if it is not? What will you do? This means we have to choose a light that does not distort the color. The closer the CRI of the light is to 100, the better the color of anything under this light will be, and the true color will be restored. Thus, a lamp with a high CRI is critical to this. The lighting you choose should be a great blend of the products you want to sell.


Soaring turnover – shopping malls

The mall is the world of foodies. Almost nothing can be more tempting than the appearance and aroma of freshly baked bread and desserts. The customer’s stay at the front end of the cabinet, the stimulating desire, and the impulsive purchase can all have a strong positive impact on the turnover of the mall.

As we all know, fruits and vegetables and meat, their freshness and quality will definitely affect the choice of customers for this mall. When you try to highlight certain products or when you want to create visual appeal, use XSY-NSF FOOD BAY LIGHT. Use lighting to create a path that guides customers through the mall, with the goal of letting customers stroll around the mall, relax, and stay on for more time.

NSF food certified lights can withstand rigorous food safety tests while providing high-quality lighting options and accurate color rendering for a more natural color, making food look as fresh and bright as it really is. Keep it easy to maintain and clean. Durable construction and integrated LED technology can save energy, reduce maintenance costs and extend the life of lights.

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