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Make food temptation hard to resist

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Advanced food and lighting

The desire for food belongs to every era of history and belongs to every day of every country. It goes with the pleasures of our lives, even more lasting. 

Fresh recipes revealing the secrets of human past and present; our role, relationship and social status. Shennong tasted the hundred grasses to the refined JiangNan cuisine, from the feast of blood to the feast of feasts, the history of human progress is also the history of food evolution. . .

The light, also has the beginning, also has the evolution, also has the history.

For hundreds of thousands of years, human beings have been using firelight for lighting, until they understood and mastered the law of electricity and invented point light source, the history of human beings using lamp for lighting entered a new stage.

LED with its inherent superiority is attracting the attention of the world.

Fresh food supermarket lighting reflects the characteristics of the products by attracting customers’ eyes, so as to be visually promoted, so that people can feel the value of the displayed goods and enjoy the fun of shopping.

With the development of social economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s requirements for fresh food supermarket are getting higher and higher. Lighting is an important part of fresh supermarkets, and lighting design can attract and guide consumers’ attention.

The rise of fresh lighting

In this article, American animal science group researcher Samantha Kneeskern describes how the lighting effect makes the beef ground meat look more attractive or tasteless.

In the fresh food supermarket, beef ground meat is a very popular protein product.

In the actual observation of supermarket beef sales, beef meat accounted for 46%. When consumers are picking beef minced meat, they tend to value the color of the meat. A good beef ground meat, its color looks like a cherry-like bright red. People are generally not resistant to freshly meals. Once the beef meat is darker, consumers usually don’t buy it. This type of meat is not sold at a discount, or it is a reimbursement of $1 billion in annual losses in American supermarkets. The general fluorescent lamp does not reach the power and requires special fresh light. With the development of the fresh industry, fresh lighting has also risen with the trend, and the trend of fresh consumption has shifted to Dashang. As we all know, the special fresh light, generally equipped with 2700K light source, CRI >80, R9>60, which is common sense. But is fresh lighting just like this?

Fresh light features you don’t know

The biggest effect of the fresh light is to restore the original color of the food. What is fresh food? As we all know, the coloration of sunlight is the best. The ancient humans distinguish the characteristics of food in the sun. Therefore, lamps with high color rendering and close to sunlight illuminate the food, which will make people feel safe and the body will naturally produce appetite. Secrete dopamine.

Natural light penetrates through the window, and natural light makes the food more appetizing. From the enticing photos of circle of friends, you can already see the ultimate light and shadow art of fresh lighting.

The lighting in the fresh area is generally hierarchical. In addition to its own lighting environment, there are also a variety of shelf lighting, so under these white light, in order to reflect the characteristics of various products, the color temperature of each category is different. Flexible lighting brackets or decorative ceiling lighting can also make the fresh food in the fresh area completely delicious. But there is a big premise that LED lights will be used (because LED fresh lights have high color rendering, power saving, good brightness, low light decay, low heat).

Various lighting techniques are adopted to display the food’s theme image, which can make people associate with it, arouse the resonance of consumers, and establish emotional communication with consumers.

Lighting effect brought by color temperature

It would be better to use LED lighting, which is related to the color temperature of the light. In general, the green area of the vegetable area will look fresh and green, while the meat area will have a color temperature of 2200K, Ra>80. Color point: Below BBL lighting products are better, such spectral characteristics can better represent red, brown and orange. Make the meat look more delicious. Bread, snacks and other products, generally use color temperature 2700K, Ra> 80, color point BBL2500K (raw spectrum, more than 3200 color temperature is BBBL, < is BBL) nearby lamps, so that better yellow, so that baked products create soft feeling, It is as if you can smell a scent of wheat.

In the freezing area, the lighting and baking area are exactly the opposite. In order to display the fresh, the freezing area should be used to create a frozen feeling. The color temperature is 6500K, which means Ra>90. The product of the color point BelowBBL can make the product of the fresh area. Brighter, whiter, and more natural, it is like a frozen fish that the Eskimo cut out from the ice. It hits the winter night, is frozen from the moment, and then is picked up and presented on the table. 

While achieving the lighting effect, it can also play a decorative role, and stay the fresh food.

led food light

Color is the language of fresh food, bold and vibrant tones make people feel like newly picked products. Thus, getting the right food light is critical to delivering freshfood information.

The products in the fresh food supermarket, whether it is meat, fruits and vegetables or seafood, about food display, customers hope that they can be presented in the most natural color, so that you can see the actual freshness, and at this time, if you use the wrong The lighting design will make the original bright colors look dull and even have side effects. As you can imagine, the freshness of the products will seem to be greatly reduced.

Therefore, copying the effect of natural light and restoring the original color of the product is the first principle of the design of fresh food supermarket lighting.

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