Wet Space Best LED Tri Proof Lights – Complete Guide

tri proof light
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What are triproof lights meaning?

Waterproof, dustproof, and corrosion proof is the most symbol of the led tri proof light( also called vapor tight/proof light or waterproof light). In order to reached the protection requirements of the fixtures, special anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion materials and silicone sealing ring are used. The maximum sealing of the luminaire without affecting the lighting.

What are the advantages of using tri proof light?

  • Low hazard, no UV or infrared rays, creating a healthy working environment
  • Long lifespan, through a series of aging tests, the life expectancy can reach >54,000hrs.
  • Energy-saving, led tri proof light can save 85% energy compared to traditional lamps.
  • Less maintenance, the fixtures are highly resistant to heavy impact, specially designed to withstand harsh conditions and require little maintenance
  • No flicker, high-quality power supply stabilizes current and prevents the stroboscopic phenomenon
  • Protect the environment, LEDs light source, that is, energy-saving and environmental protection, will not produce harmful gases of mercury lamps
  • Easy to install, just a few simple steps, open the lid, wiring, and then close the lid.
  • Multi-mounted, suspended or ceiling mounted installation can adapt to different application scenarios.

How many kinds of tri-proof lights are there in the lighting market?

1. Fluorescent tri proof light

fluorescent triproof light

The fluorescent three-proof lamp is the first generation of three anti-lights. Before the release of the LED light source, its position in the lighting market should not be underestimated, you can see it used in harsh environments. The first generation of tri-proof luminaires consisted of 0-4 fluorescent lamps and a highly sealed outer casing. Its advantages are only cheaper, but the disadvantages are high maintenance costs, environmental pollution, and low water resistance.

2.LED tube triproof light

led tube tri proof light

The LED tube was the first to replace the fluorescent lamp in the three-proof lamp. From a replacement point of view, this solution is really convenient, just open the cover and replace the tube inside. But its wiring is not simple, you need to redesign the wiring diagram specifically for it. The degree of illumination is limited because its replaceable wattage and power are limited.


3.IP65/IP66 traditional tri proof light replacement

led triproof light

In order to eliminate the shortcomings of the above two lamps, the IP65/IP66 tri-proof light was designed. It consists of PC cover, die-casting aluminum housing, led light source board, led driver. No ballasts obstacles,  higher energy conversion efficiency. Of course, its price will naturally be more expensive than the above two, but it has added value, can achieve the sensing function -1-10v dimming or motion sensor, and even install the emergency power pack, which means lights can also work several hours during the power cut.

4.Slim batten light

slim batten light

As seen in the picture, this slim led triproof lamp is flat-shaped, so it is also named as a batten light. Its slim design makes it require less material, thus it is more suitable for projects with small budgets. The small size of the shape allows it illuminates in narrow spaces. Petite is one of the major features but it is also the biggest drawback because the lighting space is limited, can not accommodate high-powered power, therefore, the light efficiency is also low, the highest is only 110lm / w.

5.Integratedaluminum led triproof fixture

alu tri proof light

This one is definitely the highest equipped led tri-proof lamp, the aluminum alloy case shows better heat dissipation performance and longer service life. The two ends of the luminaire have two end cap, so the lighting is more concentrated. Except for the highest price, it has almost no shortcomings.


6.External wiringtri proof light

external wiring lights

Their appearance looks the same as the one above, but they are different. These tri proof lights are equipped with detachable terminals at both ends. Their biggest role is to facilitate wiring and quick installation. Another difference is that it can be installed in series, all the lights can be connected together.


7.IP69k led tri-proof light

ip69k tri proof light

IP69k, the highest level of protection currently available, means that this vaportight fixtures can withstand the rigorous high-pressure, high-temperature flushing process. At the same time, the smooth surface of the three anti-lights and the seamless structure effectively reduce the possibility of water and dust entering. This tri light protection is especially needed in industries such as food processing, poultry farm(health and cleanliness are critical).

Where do you use led tri-proof light?

It ideal for warehouse facility, supermarket, indoor parking garage, car washes, swimming pool, dusty factories, pedestrian bridges.

How to choose the most suitable tri proof light?

First of all, it is recommended that you do not buy fluorescent triproof lights, it will allow you to bear heavy electricity and maintenance costs. If you are already using it and are now looking for alternatives, use a traditional tri-proof light replacement that will meet your lighting requirements and create a long-term return on investment. The most durable is definitely aluminum alloy and external wiring three anti-lights, but they are the most expensive. When you have a food processing factory, or you take over the lighting project in such a place, please believe that the IP69K tri-proof lamp can play its biggest role, to ensuring the environment is clean and hygienic.


When you review these tri proof light fixtures and still don’t know how to choose the right led triproof lights, please contact XSY Lighting professional sales team, send an email to [email protected], we will be happy to help you!

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