led stadium lights

LED stadium lights illuminate the stadium

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LED stadium lights are vital to the performance of athletes. If every step can make a huge difference, then the right choice is low glare with better brightness. LED stadium lights are specifically designed for indoor and outdoor sports field applications.

Power saving and maintenance

The reason why stadium lights are so popular in a short period of time is that they produce more light and consume less electricity, and they provide savings for teams, clubs, and sports fields. According to survey statistics, the expected life of metal halides is 12,000 – 20,000 hours, while the rated life of LED is 50,000 – 100,000 hours. Because LEDs have a much longer life than metal halide lamps, they are ideal for use in stadiums. Because the structure of the stadium lights of XSY Lighting is very good, the high-quality radiator reduces the heat generation, because the radiator is made of cold-forged aluminum 1060, and it evenly contacts the internal aluminum paste. It effectively transfers heat from the heat source to the cold-forged radiator to reduce the junction temperature. When the temperature of the lamp body decreases, the lamp can be well protected, so it is said that the structure of this stadium light is very good, saving a lot of maintenance and elevator rent.


Regarding stadium lights, its color rendering index value is also crucial. The color rendering index shows the visibility of colors under a specific light source. It almost determines how the stadium lights make objects appear in human eyes. The higher the color rendering index, the better the color rendering ability of the stadium light. In sports lighting, the color rendering index must be 70 or higher. XSY Lighting can provide CRI sports lighting solutions of 70 and above.

Reduce glare

LED stadium lights can not only improve the audience’s feeling of watching the game on the spot, but also improve the athlete’s feeling of playing. According to the person in charge at the scene, the light was uniform and the glare was reduced. Precise pole and fixture placement and advanced lenses ensure the driver has the best view around the track. When installed in hockey or baseball stadiums, they provide uniform light. This helps players see the speed of ice hockey or baseball. If you use metal halide lamps in these spaces, they will produce bright and dark spots. When the ball passes through the shadow created by the black dot, it seems to be slowing down or accelerating, which is disadvantageous for players who have only determined the position of the ball.

Installation safety

Security is always a concern for many people. Many homes and businesses are now familiar with the benefits of lighting, and installing secure lighting is a sure and effective way to protect stadiums. Although other security strategies can make sports facilities or homes safe, the presence of lighting is enough to stop any possible intruders. The possibility of breaking in is greatly reduced by a well-lit stadium, and these offenders will have no way to enjoy the benefits of darkness. While the surveillance system is running, sports lighting is also very effective. Proper lighting helps security personnel correctly identify intruders. If something unfortunate happens, it will also give the stadium manager a greater sense of control. Finally, the presence of lighting also reduces errors in the dark to a certain extent.

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