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Led replacement lights for cooler doors can give you a payback

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The effect of the light is amazing. Have you ever been in your cold room or refrigerator, the dim light will make you want to leave as soon as possible.

Because the faint lighting will make you feel dull and low. Your employees in the walk-in inventory project feel the same. They just want to leave there. Can’t wait to escape from the dim environment, have you ever wondered if they have the right count for beer, boxed cheese or boxed milk…

Purchase LED cooler lights for refrigerators and cooler doors

Led technology is rapidly becoming the new standard for lighting in a variety of industries, replacing inefficient incandescent and fluorescent lamps from industrial to commercial and home applications. The impact of led technology has expanded to various industries, including gas station, supermarkets and restaurants, helping companies save a lot of energy to illuminate a variety of led refrigeration lighting that need to store food and beverages.

Cooler cases, freezers, beer cases, bar lighting, and coolers all require an led light source that can withstand extreme temperature conditions. At the same time, many commercial applications such as convenience stores, liquor stores and gas stations require warm, bright, clear lighting and high color rendering index to enhance the beauty of the goods. Energy-efficient freezer lights and bar lighting are the most effective choices for bussiness hotel and restaurant lighting projects, both for new luminaires and refurbishment. Led cooler door lights are available in various lengths ( our cooler lights are available in 4ft, 5ft, 6ft options) and are available in a variety of wattages from 22-30W, making them suitable for any commercial size application. You can easily browse through these products by clicking here.

Replacing the T12 can also significantly reduce maintenance costs. Each store and commercial application is different, but considering the cost of replacing the product every 1-2 years or even closer and the amout of work required to replace the T12 bulb, the amount is considerable. These led strips have a service life of 50,000 hours and will last for more than 10 years during normal retail operations. Therefore, the traditional energy-saving T12 and T8 freezer lighting systems are now being replaced by led cooling bars from various companies. This is due to a variety of factors. The first reason is that modern led strips reduce the averge amount of electricity by about 88% to illuminate the refrigerated food stored therein. Reduced energy usage produces the same amout of illumination as the old T12 5ft bulb. The led glow stick emits much less heat, which saves electricity in the refrigerator itself and wastes a lot of energy, offsetting the heat generated by outdated lighting technology.

If the cooler lights is perfect, you may pick out its flaws. Yes, like any other type of lighting, led lights do have their drawbacks. The biggest drawback is cost. For some companies, this may be a big expense, but in the past few years, the price of led has been steadily declining. Moreover, despite the higher initial cost, many business owners will eventually find that, compared to other lighting technologies, because led light have a longer life and many lamps have a warranty, the cost can be balanced over time. Led lighting can actually be more affordable, especially when saving energy, leds can easily recover costs.

Freezer lights are most commonly found in led cooler and led refrigeration lighting. They do not contain high levels of hazardous mercury and are therefore safer to use. They can be used in a variety of applications, including walk-in coolers, reach-in coolers and display doors. These lights are bright enough to clearly show all products even in larger units. One of the biggest advantages that business owners can find from this type of lighting is that these lights are inexpensive and are actually one of the cheapest lights available.

The best function of freezer light

Our led freezer lights have been certified for safe storage around food and beverages with internal drives that can be connected in 10pcs (up to 200 watts in a series). typical applications: access glass door refrigerated coolers and beverage coolers, fruit and vegetable display cabinets, dairy plant, phamaceutical plants, refrigerators and walk-in refrigerators, supermarkets, groceries and convenience stores, food processing facilities Multi-tier applications such as commercial kitchens and cold storage.

Over the past decade, we have focused on efficiency, performance and longevity, so XSY’s led freezer lights have earned a reputation. Check out the best features of our led freezer lights:

  • Our freezer lights support single-ended wiring.
  • No noise, no flicker, no ultraviolet or infrared.
  • 88% energy saving compared to other lights, low maintenance cost.
  • High quality led chip with a service life of over 50,000 hours.
  • CRI>80, the dark groove has a higher color than the standard color rendering index compared to the natural light source.
  • With a 180°beam angle, it can illuminate any food on a large area with even light distribution.

Green, environmentally friendly and mercury free

Environmental protection is a very beautiful topic, and environmental protection is the responsibility everyone should take. The good news is that XSY’s lights and fixtures meet environmental safety requirements and can be classified as “ green lights ”. These lights are completely free of toxic and hazardous chemicals such as mercury and lead. With XSY luminaires, you can save money and help reduce the environmental impact of traditional light bulbs on the planet.

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