Led light business–My USA business trip in 2019

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It is my 7th year of in led lighting industry in 2019. When i was young, i never thought i will be a salesman,especially to be a oversea salesman in led lighting , but i never regret my choice, even i thanks to my choice. The future of LED ligtht business opportunities is considerable. LED lighting is really good products, not only healthy and energy saving for People, but also pollution free for environment. I will still keep working on this job and looking forward to another 7 years.

2019th is my five times to visits client in USA and this time is different, because i was alone.

After the last day of the LFI at Pennsylvania conversation on 23th May, i drive the car to Newark Liberty International Airport, After 2 hours driving, i arrive the return centre of (Advantage ). When i packed the car, i received a email form United airlines , it said my fight was canceled. I was sharked, because all of trips are next to each to each other. If i can not fry to SC,my tonight hotel must be canceled and my next day / my third / fourth /fifth/day schedule also need to canceled as well. But i must need to go consul if i can change the other flight today. One hour later, i was told the earliest flight from EWR to GSP is 25th (2 days later ) at the same time, i was very tired and hungry (because i booked the ticket and hotel until 01:00 AM). So i told myself need to book a hotel to sleep and make a new schedule again asap, also i need to called the Crip and ask the all of the money back. At 18:00 pm, i was in hotel which near the EWR, i need to say it is a good hotel but the price is a little high (it will be much better to book in advance) before sleeping, i booked a new flight (EWR-GSP) successfully on 25th May and also called the Crip and ask them return all money to my credit card.


 24th May i get up earlier after a good sleep ,then i had a breakfast, i ate lots of apple and banana. At 10:30, i checked out and go to the airport (T2) by hotel shuttle bus. My flight is 12:50 -14:00 am form EWR-DCA , then 17:15-18:53 from ( IAD-GSP ), DCA and IAD are two different airport in DC and it is about one hour driving between them. So it has about 3hours for me,  it is not a problem for me,but it seems the gad make a joke with me ,when i am waiting for the flight at 12:30,  i was told my flight delayed because the cloudy and can not make sure when take off. At that time, i was shocked again ,because last night i made a schedule again. if i can not fly today, i need to cancel everything again. If i can fly today ,no one know how long will be delayed, i need go to DCA. At 13:30 , all of clients are noticed to boarding and the flight take off at 13:50. So only 2 hours left for me. Once i arrive and pick up my luggage, i took a taxi to to IAD. The driver is old man, he asked me lots of questions. Two things impressed me a lot they asked me”how about the current tariff war between the USA and China” , i replied him our government is negotiating with your government and i believe we will come to a agreement soon. The second question is they don’t know HK is a part of china, but told them HK is part of china and backed to china from 1997 already and told him if you want to know china, the best is to have trip of china. Finally i arrived the IAD at 16:20, then i check in and boarding successfully 10mins advance.18:00 Pm, i arrived the GSP and rent a car, after 40 mins driving, i was in the hotel. Before i sleeping i called my client and confirm with him the meeting time of trm.

25th 7:00 am, i get up. After a simple breakfast( two apples), i drive car to my client’s company and 10 mins arrived in advance. This time his office is bigger and the warehouse is about triple bigger than before. I had a meeting with client to show our new lights and also he take me around and told me he bought this land and build, he is expanding. After the meeting ,he said want to have a lunch with me, but i need to back to GSP asap, because my next flight is 12:46 am. GSP is very beautiful airport , it seems there is big park near here, i very much want to see the park, but my time is very tough. And SC is really good place, lots of trees at the side of the road, when you are driving, you can smell the flesh air and enjoy the nice view.

After the SC visiting, my next place is FL. My flight GSP-CLT, CTL-MCO.My seat is near the window and saw lots of beautiful clouds, they are very beautiful under the blue sky. Here are some pictures of clouds.

At 16:50 p.m., i was in Florida. When i visited clients before, lots of customers told me if you are young man, you should go to the Florida, it is young man-city. It is my second time to be here. Even last time, i spend a bad time here because of the hurricane. 17:10 p.m. i rent a car and driver to my booked hotel. After one hour driving, i arrived the hotel and checked in soon and sleep. 26th is Sunday, so i have enough time to enjoy the weekend. In the morning, i did not have breakfast the hotel, i want to go to the Wal-Mart to buy some food. I google the nearest one 15 mins later, i arrived and bought some food. At 9:00 a.m., i google the local biggest outlets shipping mall and driver to there.(i do not want to buy something ,but i do not where should i go ). this is bigger outles, lots of famous brands here. I buy the soda and go window shipping. Maybe at this moment, this is the best way for me to relax. I spend about 4hours here, finally, i bought two shoes. After having lunch, i backed to hotel and called the client again and confirm with him the trm meeting.

27th May, i met the client and introduced our new lights. This client are very interested in our lights and told me there is a big order want to place,but need to try samples in advance. I told everything that i talked with client to my college ( this is his client). After one month (In June ), he placed a big order to our company. So i need to say this Florida’s trip was great success. After the meeting ,i drive to the MOC and fly back to ERW. The next day, i backed to china.


As a LED lighting salesman, stay at office to email client is not the best way for business now. Visiting is more and popular, when you show lights to client face to face, i believe client not only touch your lights, but also feel your sincerity.

Now my new round client visiting is coming next week , i am ready to show sincerity and new lights. I believe all of customer will like our lights and this business trip will be successfully like before.




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