• Transparent and frosted cover available, no dark spots, uniform luminous surface
  • Excellent heat dissipation depending on whole aluminum housing
  • IP 66 waterproof, dust, corrosion and pressure-proof
  • High impact PC housing ( IK08 ), 5 warranty
  • Suspended or ceiling mounted installation available
  • Microwave sensor and Emergency battery backup driver optional
batten light certification


batten light specification mobile version 1
batten light specification mobile version 2
Model No. Light Output Product Size Color Temperature CRI Light Efficacy Input Voltage Frequency Range IP Rating Operation Temperature
XSY-TP16W06-MS 16W  

















(Max 277VAC)












-30°to 45°

XSY-TP25W06-MS 25W
XSY-TP18W12-MS 18W
XSY-TP32W12-MS 32W  


XSY-TP35W12-MS 35W
XSY-TP45W12-MS 45W
XSY-TP60W15-MS 60W 1490*85*71MM
XSY-TP70W15-MS 70W

XSY Batten Light, emergency battery backup or motion sensor for option.

What is led batten? The batten light main body is made of PC material, suitable for use in harsh environments, with corrosion resistance, superior to ordinary tri-proof lights, optional internal emergency package or internal microwave sensor, no dark spots, uniform surface illumination and long service life 54,000 hours. The reason XSY batten light become the best fixture is Convenient and Fast Wiring.

batten light wiring steps 1

Open the batten lights driver box with a straight screwdriver.

batten light wiring steps 2

Connect lines to their corresponding colors.

batten light wiring steps 3

Screw tight the lines, screw up the waterproof connector.

batten light wiring steps 4

Press the lid on the box from the middle.

Size/Installation methods/Microwave sensor

LED Battens Size

batten light size

Batten Lighting with Microwave Sensor

batten light sensor detection coverage
batten light sensor demo-on/off control

Suspension Mounting Installation

vapor-proof light fixture suspension installation
  1. Mounted the wire rope suspend kit to the ceiling.
  2. Mounted the clips to the rope suspend kit by screw, recommend the distance between the chain: 382mm-0.6m; 982mm-1.2m; 1282mm-1.5m.

Ceiling Mounting Installation

vapor-proof light fixture ceiling mounted installation

Ceiling mounted

  • Fasten the clips to the mounting surface with the expansion screw. The distance between the clips: 282mm-0.6m; 982mm-1.2m; 1282mm-1.5m
  • Secure the led batten light the mounting clips.

Ceiling connection installation

  • Fasten the mounting clips to the ceiling with expansion screw, then connect the lights with a cable and fix the led batten lights to the clips.

LED Batten Light Applications

tri-proof lights application processing plant

Processing plants

Tri-proof lights application parking garage

Parking garage

Tri-proof lights application warehouse


Tri-proof lights application auto repair shop

Auto repair shop

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