• 2FT/4FT/8FT, from 18W to 68W
  • Perfect to replace traditional strip light fixtures
  • AC100-347V, IP20
  • Suitable for either single or continuous row applications
  • Surface, wall and suspend mounting for option
  • 1-10 dimming, motion sensor and emergency backup performance
  • UL certificate


    batten strip light parameter 1
    batten strip light parameter 2
    Model No. Light Output Size Input Voltage Color Temperature CRI Light Efficacy Frequency Range Waterproof Rated Operation Temperature Lifespan Sensor
    XSY-SL2FTP18-ZZK 18W 2FT  




















    -20°to 45°



    54000 Hours



    Motion Sensor

    XSY-SL4FTP24-ZZK 24W 4FT
    XSY-SL4FTP36-ZZK 36W
    XSY-SL8FTP68-ZZK 68W 8FT



    LED Batten Strip Lights

    Led batten strip lights are easy to use, so you can use the kit in different locations where you can install led batten strip lights at home or in the office. Available in surface, wall and suspension mounting, the models are available in 2FT/4FT/8FT, 1-10V dimming, which is a perfect replacement for traditional strip lights.

    Size/Installation methods/Packing

    LED Batten Strip Lights Size

    LED batten strip lights size
    1. 2FT=0.6m(18W)
    2. 4FT=1.2m(24W/36W)
    3. 8FT=2.4m(68W)

    LED Batten Strip Lights Installation Method

    LED batten strip lights installation 1
    • Slide the switch to the right, then take them off and keep them properly.
    • Divided the linear light into two parts as shown above. We called the lamp base and lamp body.
    • Use the drill machine to drill holes on the wall. On the basis of the holes from the lamp base.
    • Use hammer drives the expansion screws housing into the wall.
    LED batten strip lights installation 2
    • Use the drill machine to mount the lamp base on the wall with tapping screws.
    • Connect the wire from the driver
      with the input power cord correctly
      as shown, connect the wires:
      AC/L match Black;
      AC/N match White;
      PE/Green match ground
    • Mount the lamp body on the lamp base, power on and test.
    • Put the switches back and slide left, lock the lamp, installation complete.

    LED Batten Strip Lights Packing

    led batten strip lights packing

    One led batten strip light in one inner box, one outer box put 4 pcs.

    LED Batten Strip Lights Applications

    led batten strip lights application basement parking

    Basement parking

    led batten strip lights application conference hall

    Conference hall

    led batten strip lights application subway

    Subway aisle

    led batten strip lights application library


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