With the development of technology, led cooler lights have gradually become a replacement to traditional fluorescent lamps and bulbs

  • DLC cETLus Listed.
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to +40°C
  • 22watt-30watt, Ra80, 5000k/6500k, 120lm/w, 180°, 5 years warranty
  • Comes with the male and female adapter cable.
  • Daisy-chain installation, can be connected in 10pcs (up to 200 watts in a series)
  • Designed for vertical food/ beverages freezers, cooler, fridge, and walk-in refrigerator cases.
magnetic led light strip certification


led cooler lights parameter
Model No. Power Lumens Length CCT Input Voltage CRI Lifespan Beam angle
XSY-CLP22L1250 22W  












XSY-CLP25L1550 25W 5 ft
XSY-CLP30L1850 30W 6ft

LED Vertical Cooler Lights with Cheap Price

Why traditional lights are replaced is definitely due to wasted energy and high maintenance costs. The led cooler lights are different, they can save 88% of energy. And will not give the freezer or cold storage caused by heat pressure, which saves electricity use from the refrigerator itself. The led lights have a lifespan of more than 50,000 hrs, which means that they don't need to be maintained or replaced in less than a year like traditional freezer lights. We are pursuing to sale products that give customers peace of mind. In addition to saving money, led cooler door lights also have their unique features. It supports single-ended wiring, which is the biggest product feature that distinguishes it from other manufacturers. The Ra80 and CCT5000k/6500k also maximize show the true color of the food or beverage. Moreover, the V-shaped light surface and polycarbonate(pc) cover forms a 180° beam angle that illuminates the entire freezer.

Installation methods view

1 Install the mounting clip. Locate the mounting clip at the position where the lamp is installed and fixed by
screws. Check the fixity of the mounting clip to make sure it can't be loosed and shacked. Note: if there have the old metal halide lamp or bulb, please remove them(including ballasts) before you install the new led display case fixture.

2 Fix the lamps, align the mounting clip on the back of the tube and jam the tube into the clip firmly.

3 Use the male and female joint cable to connect multi lamps (A to B), max power should be less than 250W. Turn on the power after installing led retrofits fixture.

cooler led lights install 3


LED Refrigeration Lighting Fixtures Applications

led cooler door lights

Grocery store/shop cooler display

supermarket refrigenration cases

Supermarket refrigeration case

Frozen food freezer

Food freezer display

vertical food cooler

Vertical food cooler

What features are the best led coolers tubes have?

Use led cooler light fixture in shop cooler/freezer/refrigerated doors have several advantages, and please make sure the lights meet these conditions when you buy:

  • Protect the environment
  • Energy saving
  • Cost maintain savings
  • Easy& quick installation
  • Promote customer purchase
  • Restore product color

XSY lighting produces 4-6 foot freezer lights for 10 years, which a professional manufacturer. Support 5 years warranty shows confidence in the quality of our products. We only provide fixtures that give customers peace of mind.

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