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The world is brighter because of lighting. That's a given. In addition to the natural and obvious energy-saving features, LED indoor lights also provide a sense of comfort. Browse this page and you will have a deeper understanding of it.

Indoor Lights - LED HIGH BAY LIGHT

UFO High Bay Light

nsf high bay

UFO High Bay Light & Sunrise 4

This special type of LED high-bay flushable light is ideal for use in food service and food processing locations. These applications require a smooth surface design and a high seal of the outer casing and require NSF certification, sunrise 4 meets the requirements.

ufo high bay light

UFO High Bay Light & Star 4

The latest LED High Bay has a revolutionary design and an incredibly high output per watt. This highly efficient LED light is the future of the industry. The first adopt latest waterproof detachable integrated sensor + Zigbee IoT control module design.

indoor ufo light diamond

UFO High Bay Light & Diamond

High power highbay light(up to 200w) for food processing lighting.  Suitable for wet location and can withstand close-range high-pressure clean. The color lights housing to different color schemes for lighting fresh food. In addition, the built-in sensor works better.

Linear High Bay Light

linear high bay 1

Type A Linear High Bay Light

High quality, energy-efficient, and affordable. Our Linear High Bay uses the latest in LED technology to deliver 54,000+ hours high lumen, non-flickering, comfortable and uniform light.   Easy mounting with chain, you can also choose pendant or surface mounting.

linear high bay 2

Type B Linear High Bay Light

Better design, ideal for replacing metal halides or T8/T5 fluorescent fixtures. Additionally, Linear High Bay lights are easy to install. Easy mounting with chain, you can also choose pendant or surface mounting.


led batten light

LED Tri-proof Light & Batten Light

Batten Light without buckle that only professionals use tools to open, which safeguarding effect during use.  IPART and VEET of European market certification are approved. Suspending or ceiling mounting, parallel combination for option.

vapor tight light

LED Tri-proof Light & Vapor Tight

LED surface mount or suspended mount, and parallel combination, tough and highly resistant, providing clear and energy-efficient lighting at a low-cost. Besides, a built-in emergency driver is available. 

Indoor Lights - LED LINEAR LIGHT

indoor batten strip light

LED Linear Light & Strip Lighting Fixtures

Linear led surface mount fixture, multifunctional, economical strip lights combine a traditional tube with energy-saving LED technology. Surface, wall and suspend mounting for option

magnetic led light

LED Linear Light & Magnetic Strip Retrofit Kits Light

Simple, multifunctional lighting solution Magnets allow for quick, secure mounting without tools. Dimmable with 1-10v dimmer for optional

led freezer light

LED Linear Light & LED Cooler Display Door Light

Coolers and freezers emit clear, bright light that reveals attractive food and beverages in the refrigerator and freezer.

Indoor Lights Applications Analysis

Our main cheap light fixtures are used in industrial and commercial applications, with a high level of performance and increased space functionality, and are an important part of any commercial or factory environment. Fortunately, we have quality industrial and commercial lights to choose from. High bay light, tri-proof light, and linear light for optional, we have all the led surface mount lights you need.

If industrial led lighting fixtures are an important part of your business, then we offer them UFO/ Linear high bay light, Tri-proof light, Linear light, etc. Each of these options is tailored to the needs and requirements of a particular business area, and with the right choice, it can help your business or warehouse space work better than ever.


Our Skills & Expertise

We company focuses on the cutting-edge technology of LED performance. XSY have our own product molds. The products are matched with the brand lamp beads and power supply, which can be perfectly displayed in front of customers as you wish. Brand lamp beads such as SEOUL, NICHIA, etc., brand power sources such as MEANWELL, SOSEN, etc. Our LED lights meet the most stringent quality standards, have passed UL test, and ensure that comprehensive analysis can be provided to the customer IES report, highlighting the advantages of LED lights compare with traditional lighting. Consistent and efficient service can satisfy customers. We are in a competitive industry to help customers customize products, as long as the customer needs, we will make a plan for the customer, the customer and our idea into reality, and in line with the customer's budget.

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