How to prevent coronavirus?

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A new coronavirus that has recently burst out has drawn worldwide attention, you may be worried about getting infected.

Although coronavirus can cause serious illness, proper precautions can help you ensure your health in public places, at home, and while taking care of your patients.

How to properly prevent coronavirus

  1. Avoid contact with wild animals ( including game ), birds and their droppings.

2. Maintain good personal hygiene

A. Wash your hands frequently to minimize the risk of infection.

The best way to prevent coronavirus is to wash your hands frequently. The World Health Organization recommends that, in addition to cleaning the palms, fold the palms against each other’s back and hands, and scrub them left and right to ensure that the hands are completely washed.

wash hands

If it is not convenient to wash your hands, you can also use a no-wash hand sanitizer with 75% alcohol content.

Always keep your hands clean and wash your hands frequently, especially before touching eyes, mouth, and nose; before handling food or eating, after going to the toilet, and touching public places equipment, stair handrails, elevator lift buttons, and public transportation handrails.


B. Stay away from people who cough or sneeze

Because coronaviruses primarily cause respiratory infections, coughing and sneezing are common symptoms. In addition, coughing and sneezing both releases the virus into the air, which may increase the risk of infection.

Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when sneezing or coughing. Proper cleaning of the nasal cavity can effectively prevent a cold.


3. Maintain good environmental hygiene

A. Regular ventilation to ensure indoor air circulation


B. Disinfect frequently used surfaces every day.

Coronaviruses can attach to surfaces such as door handles and faucets. Therefore, wipe these surfaces daily with a disinfecting spray or disinfectant. This reduces the risk of infection.

water tap

4. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and rest habits

Strengthen physical exercise and physical fitness. Reduces staying up late and increases physical resistance.

5. The first line of defense to protect your body

If you need to go out, wear a mask (N95 type mask or surgical mask)

6. Maintain a good attitude and a comfortable mood, and have the confidence to win “this battle”

Although with the coronavirus now, life is moving forward. Only isolate viruses, not isolate services! XSY Lighting wishes you and your family peace, health, and happiness! All is well!

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