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How to maximize factory lighting?( update )

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According to the survey results:

The average American adult spends more than 40 hours of their week at work. Most of this work is carried out indoors. Work settings may range from small offices to industrial environments. Industrial lighting in office lighting fixtures or in the factory lighting, the quality light source will affect the efficiency of the work. Studies show that your eye makes up at least 80% of your sensory input at work. The eye is the workhorse of the body, working harder than other organs when executing tasks. It is also very sensitive to its surroundings.

Most trips and falls also happen in poorly lit environments. The occupational safety and health administration (OSHA) staters that slips falls and trips result in an average of 11 days spent away from work (for every employee). These injuries can cost your factory up to $40,000 in costs per incident!


As such, it’s essential to ensure an effective, largescale lighting solution is installed. Suitable lighting can prevent accidents from happening and improves the overall health and safety performance of an organization.

The right lighting helps to create a safe working environment.

Common factory illumination problem

  • Insufficient lighting to meet the needs of the space.
  • Too much light which causes glare.
  • Improper contrast.
  • Flicker.
  • Poor distribution of light.

What should you know about poor lighting?

  • Under lighting can pose a safety hazard – misjudging the location, shape or speed of an object can cause accidents and injuries.
  • Insufficient lighting can affect the quality of work, especially when accuracy is required, as well as overall productivity.
  • Insufficient light can be hazardous to health – too much or too little light can cause eye damage and can cause eye irritation (burns, etc.) and headaches.

Lighting in a factory plays a huge role in safety, security, and output.

So, how much light is enough for factory settings? How to maximize factory lighting?

Lighting in a factory plays a huge role in safety, security, and output. Converting to LED factory lighting fixtures away from high-pressure sodium or metal halide lights has proven to improve all three of those areas, all while reducing energy consumption up to 75%.

Quality lighting has a very positive effect not only on the productivity of your employees but also on their state of mind.

Well-lit environments also ensure that production materials and equipment are kept in tip-top shape.

Lighting design concept

The range of factories covered is very wide, and their requirements for lighting are very different, but the requirements for easy-looking and non-fatigue are consistent.

The industrial lighting must meet the requirements of inspection and production. The requirements of these two tasks are similar in some cases. In other cases, especially in the case of automation of the production process, the inspection work requires relatively independent lighting equipment. In order to improve people’s labor enthusiasm, there should be a relatively comfortable and bright working environment. Lighting also plays a very important role in this regard.

Good industrial lighting fixtures means a better working environment. A pleasant working environment and quality light source motivate employees to improve product quality and output, and excellent lighting has an important contribution to this.

Lighting is a convenient tool whose task is to ensure good visibility in the work environment. Outstanding lighting makes work safer and easier, reducing accidents, reducing faults and substandard product levels, and increasing productivity. In addition, lighting also has important emotional value, which plays an important role in determining how people experience and identify the work environment. Good lighting is sure to pay off.

Take full advantage of LED lights

  1. The light source adopts a single high-power LED integrated light source, and uses a unique multi-chip integrated single-module light source design to select an imported high-brightness semiconductor chip. It has the characteristics of high thermal conductivity, low light decay, pure light color and no ghosting.
  2. The surface of the radiator is anodized and anticorrosive, and the structure is compact and beautiful, anti-corrosion, waterproof and dustproof.
  3. The energy-saving effect is obvious. High-power LED light source is equipped with imported high-efficiency power supply, which can save more than 70% energy compared with sodium light.

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