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How much do stadium lights cost?

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When the stadium is built, the most important thing an owner wants to know before buying fixtures is the stadium lights cost. Depending on the brand and source of the led sports lighting fixtures, the price of the product cannot be unified. However, for a classic high school football/soccer field, the total cost is between $ 35,000 and $ 120,000.

After installing the fixtures, we will worry about the running cost of football field lights, including maintenance and electricity cost. It cannot be denied that the led lights used for stadium lighting can reach up to $ 76,000, and the cost per hour is about $ 9 to $ 20. But this is only an estimate. The specific fee needs to be combined with the type of lighting fixture, the height and number of mast poles, the size of the venue, and the specific lighting requirements of the game.

How much does the project of the entire stadium lighting cost?

1. Installation and reinforcement cost

In addition to the price of the light fixture itself, the next thing to consider is the installation cost. The average mounting cost for indoor arenas ranges from $ 70,000 to $ 79,134 and the cost for outdoor stadiums ranges from $ 79,134 to $ 2,458,17. In order to achieve the required average illumination, you may install 10-20 sets of lamps on the poles in the stadium. However, the nature of many poles is not enough to accommodate such a large number of stadium lamps (15-20 kg per lights), so expensive reinforcement must be performed. You may have overlooked this, and the reinforcement cost can be 2.5 times the price of the fixture. So please check the weight carefully when buying LEDs, it is best to choose a new lightweight stadium light like XSY lighting product(it uses high-quality cold-forged die-cast aluminum design, which can reduce the weight by 33%) to avoid confront expensive reinforcement before mounting.

stadium lights installation

2. Electricity and operating costs

In order to make it easier for you to understand the headache data, the following analysis will focus on the classic case of a high school stadium. Generally speaking, the electricity bill of an entire project is the easiest to calculate. The high school football stadium lights (standard size 105m x 70m) is relatively lower than professional games, it only needs about 300 to 400lux lighting requirements. Originally, the area used metal halide lamps, which required a total power of 72,000w. After replacing with IP65/IP66 LED lights, due to its better energy efficiency, only about 22,500w can provide the same Brightness to illuminate the playing field and audience seats. It is understood that the average electricity bill in the United States is $ 0.15 kW / hour. That is, the operating costs of sports lighting is about 22,500 * 0.15 / 1000 = $ 2.7 / hour (led light) and 72,000 * 0.15 / 1000 = $ 10.8 / hour (MH light). If they work 8 hours a day and 20 days a month, the daily cost is $ 21.6 and $ 86.4, and the monthly cost is $ 432 and $ 1728. If replaced with led flood lights, we could immediately save 1728-432 = $ 1296 in energy fees per month. No wonder the electrical system manager said that its operating fee is far below some people's expectations. George Bates, manager of the electrical system at TCU's physical plant, said that lighting a football field costs about $ 100 a night.

high school stadium

3. Maintenance costs

Many people are worried about the cost of purchasing led stadium lighting when they consider converting to LEDs, and they cannot afford it. In fact, with the development of LED technology, XSY Lighting's latest LED stadium lights use the MEAN WELL driver and OSRAM chips. While ensuring high lumens, it can also have a lifespan of 50,000 to 100,000 hours. The MH light stayed on for 8,769 hours. Although the price of led stadium lamps will be many times that of metal halide lamps, within the same six years, stadium lamps with their high-quality performance( applying the latest high-quality optics, the brightness and service life are further increased by 15% -20%), Without any maintenance costs, but metal halide lamps need to be repurchased and replaced every year. Even after 6 years, the LED lamp still operates normally. Can it be said that the purchase cost of the LED lamp is high?


Taking the most classic high school stadium as an example, from the analysis of lighting requirements, the total cost is about $35,000 at 300 lux and $120,000 at 400 lux. However,  in the long run, you will save even more electricity and maintenance bills, hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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