How many led high bay lights do I need?

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Your high-ceiling warehouse or factory is set up, the next plan is how to design the wiring and install the lights. If you are not a professional electrician, you will have this doubt: How many led high bay lights do I need? Properly illuminating a warehouse or factory requires a lot of careful planning and attention to achieve it perfectly. As an expert in led lighting, XSY Lighting can answer how to estimate how many led high bay lights you need.

In fact, there are currently two situations where you need to think about how many led lights. One is a retrofit project that replaces the original dim, power-hungry metal halide fixture. One is a new installation, installing high bay lights right now.

How to count the number of lights in the renovation project?

As long as you understand this, you can quickly calculate replacement items. What we call the one-for-one replacement method is not to replace it with the same power, but to rely on the total lumens produced by the original lamp. For example, if you use 10pcs 1000 watt metal halide lamps with a light efficiency of 80lm / w in the warehouse, the total lumens are 800,000 lumens. Want to meet the same lighting effect, if we use 10pcs 140lm / w led high bay light, you only need 400 watt replacement light fixtures.

How to count the number of lights in the new warehouse or factory?

1. Wattage and lumens

As with the retrofit project, when installing new high bay led lights, attention should be paid to the lumen, not wattage. As led efficiency improves, they consume less and less power. In the new installation, you can judge according to the height of the high ceiling:

  • 10-15 feet, you need lights that can reach 10,000 to 15,000 lumens.
  • 15-20 feet, you need lamps that can reach 16,000 to 20,000 lumens
  • 25-35 feet, you need light fixtures that can reach 33,000 lumens.

2.High bay lighting spacing

  • It is not enough to consider the lumen of the space, and the spacing between the lights is also an important factor in choosing a high ceiling light. Please refer to the following three common situations:
  • At a height of 15 feet, a space of about 12 feet of bright lighting is sufficient. However, approximately 15 feet of space will ensure normal lighting.
    At a height of 20 feet, a distance of 18 feet is normal light, and a distance of 15 feet produces a bright light.
  • When the height is 30 feet, it is recommended that the distance between the two lights is 25 feet for comfortable lighting. Please keep the distance at 20 feet for bright lighting.

Note: When considering the lighting space, also consider the placement of objects in the lighting space. Because there are linear and ufo high bay lights to choose from, one is suitable for broad lighting in the space, and one is more suitable for concentrated lighting in narrow and long spaces.

Different types will produce different light outputs, choosing the right fixture can get you the best lighting layout.

Don't want to calculate by yourself, but also want to see the layout effect intuitively? Contact us and the Dialux Simulation report is ready for you.

warehouse dialux simulation


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