Food Processing Lights

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People care more about food safety now.not only the food and drinks for human people , but also the food for pet .So it is not hard to see, how important of the NSF rating lighting is.

As a food processing lights manufacture,we'd like to introduce what's is food processing lights and why the food processing lights are so important.

What is food processing lights ?

NSF is the short form of National Sanitation based in MI USA which provide product testing, inspection, and certification service.The food processing lights should get NSF certified.

Basic requests of NSF rating lighting fixtures ?

  1. The food processing lights must get NSF approval .
  2. High Color Rendering Index (CRI), which is the ability to see the true colors of your environment.
  3. NSF rated lighting fixtures with smooth dust-proof that way. dust will not fall on the lighting fixture,then the food processing environment will be clean and hygienic.
  4. The Ingress Protection ( IP) should be more than IP66. most food processing places with water or steam.
  5. The powder coating on the lamp surface should be food grade.
  6. IP69K is also needed by the food processing lights, IP69K is protection against the ingress of dust and high temperature, high pressure water
  7. The NSF rating lighting products shouldn't be fragile. so the raw materials of the lighting products surface should be only metal and PC.

What's Zone the NSF food processing lights apply to ?

As we know, there are three different zones of this kind of NSF rating lighting products. they are food zone ,splash zone and nonfood zone.

The Diamond NSF high bay light applied splash zone. splash zone is apply to equipment surfaces, other than those in a food zone, that are subject to splash, spillage, or other food soiling during operation of the it is a higher level than food zone

How to buy food processing lights

Please find more details of the NSF high bay light below

Diamond NSF high bay light

Diamond NSF high bay light is the new designed series which cover 80W/100W/150W/200W. light efficacy is 150lm/W and 190lm/W.lumen output from 12000lm to 38000lm. installation height can be 6 meters to 12 meters, built-in motion sensor and emergency battery pack.

Sunrise 4 NSF high bay light

Sunrise 4 NSF high bay light is the first generation food processing UFO high bay light . the wattage range is 50W/80W/100W/150W. light efficacy is 130lm/W and 150lm/W.with Meanwell driver and Seoul Semiconductor LED. with ultra high quality.

What else go with NSF Rated light

NSF high bay lamp -1pc Stainless steel safety rope -1pc O/G Hook -1pc Built-in motion sensor ( Optional) Remote controller ( Optional) Emergency battery pack ( Optional)

Food processing lights cases

       Food processing lights case         NSF rated light in USA

Australia Milk Powder factory                                   USA Restaurant

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