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Food lights show you the freshest food

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No one wants to spend money on stale food. On the contrary, people are willing to pay for the freshest food even if the price of the food is high…

Times are developing, human beings are progressing, and the level of material and spiritual life is constantly improving. Food lighting has become the focus of people.

Lighting design, as a means of expressing atmosphere and mood, is particularly important in food lighting. Of course, the lighting is also interesting and makes the food look more delicious.

The pursuit of food lighting

Food culture pays attention to color and fragrance. Obviously, color is in the first place. Color can promote people’s appetite. Foods with color changes can easily increase appetite, while monotonus or disorderly color combinations make people inappetite. The irradiation of different colored light sources will also have a great impact on food color, which will cause people to reflect different appetite. Since ancient times, humans have not interrupted the pursuit of light. Many stalls selling meat in supermarkets illuminate food with red lights. It is to make the meat look fresher and cause appetite. This is an exciting thing for people who have not been able to eat fresh food for more than a week.

The benefits of fresh food are obvious

1.Biggest appearance change

According to research, when shoppers think about the color of fresh food, it is stronger than the actual color of the food. When buying products, shoppers look for products with more saturated colors from their memories. What does this mean? You need the perfect combination of fresh food lighting so that you can increase sales by optimizing the color of your food. Fresh food LED lighting has full flexbility in terms of CRI, dimming and overall control.

2.No more bacteria

In a study by the National University of America, blue range LED lights were most effective when killing common pathogens found in cooler temperatures and acidic conditions. Bacterial cells have delicate complexes that absorb light. When exposed to blue LED lighting, bacterial cells react naturally, maintaining fresh food and producing fresh food longer, while extending the shelf life.

3.Enhance the shopping experience

If you want to create an unforgettable shopping experience for your customers, then fresh food LED lighting is your secret weapon. Fresh food LED lighting can bring customers the natural color of food and enhance visibility. With fresh food LED lights to make fresh food look better, you can create a perfect shopping experience while enhancing the appearance of fresh food.

The lighting of fresh food is not only a perfect recipe for delicious taste, but at the same time, it can extend the shelf life of fresh produce.

According to statistics, at least 90% of the total information received by the human senses from the outside world is through the eyes. The color of food is an important factor in the sensory evaluation of food quality. Different foods show different colors. For example, the green of spinach, the red of apples, the orange red of carrots, etc., these colors are inherent in food. The right lighting formula can optimize display results and increase sales.

The effect of food lighting

1.Butchers hate unsold meat, not only wasting it but also losing money. When using fresh meat LED lighting, the 2200 / 3500K lighting eliminates the natural process of meat discoloration, creating a properly colored visual image of the meat. This provides your customers with a reason to continue shopping in the supermarket while promoting meat sales.


2.Freshly baked bread is always so hard to resist. The 2700K fresh lamp lighting can better convey the deliciousness of the bread.


3.The use of fresh fruit and vegetable LED lighting can increase sales of agricultural products. According to surveys, a 3.5% increase in sales is entirely possible. Well-lit fruits and vegetables use high color rendering LED lighting to enhance freshness and give shoppers a refreshing and clean feeling. The LED lighting of fresh fruits and vegetables uses special 3000KLED lighting, which can enhance the green, red and yellow of fruits and vegetables.


4.For seafood, freshness is a must! Using high-reliability CRI90 LED lamps, the 6500K LED lighting can emit cool natural light, creating an irresistible flashing effect, highlighting the natural color and attractiveness of the fish.


In fact, in most cases, for most foods, the fresher the food, the higher the nutritional value, the better the taste, and the more attractive the color. For a long period of time, the color and aroma will be deteriorated, the texture will be reduced, and nutrients will be lost. Causes food poisoning.

In food lighting, the lighting method of light, color rendering of light source, light intensity and color, these food colors expressed by life-giving lights, bring customers a visual feast in space.

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