Combating the Coronavirus but not delaying resumed work.

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March 4, 2020

Dear valued customers and partners,

XSY Lighting wrote this letter to let everyone know about our current work and attitudes towards the epidemic. Thank you for your understanding and support during this special period.

1. March is the season of flowers bloom, wicker turn green. According to a report from an administrative colleague, as of today, the company has resumed work by 81%. We ask our colleagues in Hubei to pay attention to their bodies, take care of themselves at home, and return to work after the epidemic is over. We also ask those who have resumed work to try not to go out except for work. At XSY, all colleagues wear masks at work, and the office and workshop are disinfected once a day.
2. Colleagues who have resumed work, we call on all to actively adjust their mentality and maintain a positive and efficient work passion.
3. Many industry veterans said that our export companies face greater follow-up effects. How to resume production as soon as possible, ensure timely delivery, and minimize the impact is the focus of our export companies. Yesterday morning news reported that six deaths cases of Coronavirus Disease have occurred in the United States, demonstrating the seriousness of this outbreak. This is a warning to us, and our company must respond well:
a. Our finance colleagues have been docking with the Bank of China since the resumption of work on the 20th, using the most appropriate loan method to prepare sufficient cash to cope with unexpected difficulties.
b. The entire product operation center maintains combat status and fast delivery. Ask suppliers to fully cooperate with us for the delivery. Last week, the CEO personally visited the suppliers with the purchasing department to understand their supply situation. Our work must be done in real-time, make quick predictions and take action. The work was done on the same day, which is our attitude as a member of XSY.
c. In the current situation, new colleagues are still joining in the R & D center. The R & D team, under the leadership of the R & D director, is working hard to support existing orders, call on R & D personnel to complete the project with their best efforts. Starting the development of new products.
d. The marketing center actively prepares stocking plans, actively follows up shipments, maintains communication with customers, and solves problems for customers.
4. Our XSY is a “cockroach” that cannot be defeated, and we have to survive this difficulty. Sometimes suffering can change everyone and every company, making them more resilient and brave. There are still many industries that cannot resume work. XSY should be cherished to resume work and do our job well. Markets and industries change too quickly, and a little inertia may lag behind. As management cadres, we will assume our own responsibilities and strive to gain something from this sudden change in the epidemic. Manage the staff of this department well and actively think about how to manage and how to breakthrough.
5. Experts also urged us to speak actively and write a letter to everyone when work resumes, letting everyone know that XSY is confident that it can survive this difficult time. This epidemic gave me the biggest personal impression: the world is unpredictable and we should cherish the present. Face adversity need to try hard to find a breakthrough.
6. No matter how the international market develops, we firmly believe that the economy will always move forward, and the more difficult it is, the more it will move forward. But corporate management and methods are very important and must keep pace with the times. LED industry experts said: Our lighting is a newly needed industry, the difficulties are short-lived. When the epidemic is over, the lighting industry will be brighter. But we should seize the opportunity accurately, not negative mediocrity!

Thank you again for your understanding and support during this special period. All of our colleagues at XSY will perform their responsibilities and work with you to fight the epidemic. Everyone should improve themselves, do things fast and effectively! Living is the goal of 2020!

Finally, I wish everyone and your families good health, never get infected, survive the difficult times!

XSY Lighting

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