Chinese Valentine’s Day

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The Double Seventh Festival (Qixi Festival) is one of Chinese traditional festivals, and also known as a Chinese Valentine’s Day. It’s based on a romantic legend about a weaver girl and an ox herd.It falls on the 7th day of the 7th Chinese lunar month.

Today is August 7 2019. (Wednesday). The Chinese Valentine’s Day. In order to celebrate this special day.XSY have a party with all the company members.

At the very early of morning. All the people lined up on the playground with nine teams.and all the teams start hiking at 8:00AM. Spent around one hour to arrive at the destination.

After all the teams arrive at the destination. The party starts. The first part of the party is talent show. Some teams saying song, some teams dance.The most impressed one is the《Liu Kou Cha》from team One from sales department,this is a very famous love song from Tujia People from Enshi city of Hubei province,People from Enshi sing this song every Qixi Festival to try to find the soul mate. This song tells us a love story that at Qixi Festival, the boy will go to the girl’s home to drink 6 cups of tea. And ask the girl one question per cup of tea. After finish the 6 cups of tea. They know each other well. And fall in love with each very soon.

After the talent show. The party goes to another important part. The award ceremony for sales people of total sales of July. Mr.Auggie.Mr.Allen and Miss Orchid got champion, runner-up and third place. They got the big flower. Honor Certificate and Cash prizes.

After award ceremony. All the team start cook the lunch. The company support staff prepared same food materials for all the teams,such as duck, chicken, egg plant, potato, tomato, eggs and vegetables, different team cooked different dishes by different way. All the team members work together very well and finish the lunch very soon.

After lunch. All the members had a little rest.then start another activity. The tug of war. The holder divide everyone into four groups. Every groups mix with girls and boys. The No.1 will get total 1800RMB as rewards. And last one will do BBQ for the rest people as dinner. Below is No.1 who won the money. They tried their best to win this game. Everyone spare no efforts for this game. From this game we can see the team work is so important, during the game, i am sure they never think about the rewards, they just want to win the game.



















Below is the team who lost the game. They also tried the best and used up their energy want to win it. However after 5 rounds, they still lost the game, from here. We can see some times, even you tried your best to do something, that not means you will be successful. But if you don’t try your best. You will never success.

The last activity of this party is BBQ.


The boy above very good at BBQ. And cooked a lot of delicious food for all the people.but he eat like a bird.

Time flies. Everyone feel very tried after the BBQ. But everyone is excited about this party. And they can’t wait next one again. This activity told us how important the team work is, and how important the good health is. Everyone should work hard. Meanwhile should keep exercise at spare time.

Above is the whole Chinese Valentine’s Day which full of love from XSY’s team. XSY is a big family who always love each other , help each other, everyday at XSY just like Valentine’s Day.


The blog was written by the Sale Director Nico Yi of XSY with personal experience, edited by Tina Chen.


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