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Best Sports Field Lighting (2019 Buyer’s Guide)

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The importance of stadium lighting

For a modern stadium, not only the architectural appearance is beautiful, the various sports equipment is well-equipped, but also requires a good lighting environment, that is, it requires appropriate and uniform illumination and brightness, ideal light color, three-dimensional and glare-free,and so on.

In addition to ensuring good viewing, the lighting requirements of referees, athletes and events and the availability of good television coverage must be ensured. Lighting relies on the function of light to ensure that the light acts on the eyes of athletes, referees, and spectators, and produces vision to see everything on the stadium, such as the light and darkness of the venue environment, the movement of objects, buildings, appliances and clothing. The color of the surface, the shape and size of the viewing target, the depth, the three-dimensionality and the state of the athlete’s movement and the atmosphere of the stadium.

Therefore, good lighting plays an important role in modern stadiums.

Are you building a football field and need LED lighting?

Whether you are converting your warehouse into an indoor soccer center or building an outdoor soccer field in your community, lighting can affect your success. Indoor LED football teams with high quality bright colours provide constant levels of illumination. In addition, outdoor LED lights need to be corrosion resistant and durable. Football matches are usually played at night, so proper lighting must be provided for players and spectators in the stadium.

Do you have a football field and would like to use LED lights instead of lighting?

LED football teams, whether floodlights or high-bay lights, are an effective way to achieve optimal results while reducing utility and maintenance costs over the long term. Since the lights stay on as long as the football field is on, it makes sense to use bulbs that last a long time. LED lighting is a low-power solution that delivers outstanding lighting and is a cost-effective way to reduce your utility costs.

Switching to LED lights will not only save you money, but also reduce maintenance costs. Since the light is not easily accessible, it is time consuming to replace the light. With LED light life of more than 35,000 hours, you can save a lot of replacement time and labor.

We create the best stadium lighting

Compared to metal halides, HPS and halogens, XSY LED stadium lights are the best solution for sports applications because of its high energy efficiency. In addition to saving electricity, our lighting for football stadiums can also improve user compliance. You can choose 300W,450W,600W,800W. (Lumen>150LM/W.) stadium floodlights. Our LED sports lights can save up to 75% energy. If you are looking for high power floodlights for sports venues, XSY is a wise choice for you to buy bright.

Buyer’s guide 2019

The brightness of stadium floodlights

In the stadium lighting design, the problems of sufficient illumination and illumination uniformity, sufficient brightness and glare-free illumination, proper shadow and color correctness, and the effects of stroboscopic effects are analyzed in detail. And mastery, in order to do a good lighting design.

It not only needs to meet the requirements of athletes for competition and audience viewing, but also meets the requirements of color temperature, illumination, uniformity of illumination for filming and live TV broadcasts. This requirement is much higher than that of athletes and viewers.

Lighting Angle control for stadium lighting design

If the lighting Angle of stadium lamps is not well controlled, dazzle will be generated.

Stadium lighting design according to the standard – illuminance standard

The illumination is high enough to capture both panoramic and close-up shots, making the TV broadcast more vivid.

high lighting

Generally, in the lighting design of a stadium, the following three factors should be considered:

  1. Meet the athlete’s visual requirements during sports competitions and minimize the objective impact of lighting on the game.
  2. Meet the visual requirements of the audience, so that the feeling of discomfort caused by the lighting when watching the game is reduced to a minimum.
  3. Meet the lighting requirements of color TV broadcast, and improve the quality of broadcast as much as possible.

In short, the lighting and sports competition requirements are closely related, closely related to the viewer’s visual effect. The stadium without good lighting facilities is an incomplete stadium, which will seriously affect its function.

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