Tina Chen

Tina Chen is a writer at XSY Lighting. Adhering to the enthusiasm for literature, writing is the goal of her struggle, through her own independent ideas, using her own skills and methods, she has been persistently writing articles of her own style for five years. Through the understanding and familiarity of the LED industry, the LED industry is now in full swing, or the final glory of the evening glow, or waiting for an opportunity but the future is uncertain. Tina is a purpose-oriented writing based on the needs of users. She not only answers doubts for readers, but also shares real-time hotspots, which gives readers unique insights. Writing for Tina is not only to find answers to readers, but to find ourselves.

Emergency power supply: Are you ready for the next big blackout?

Accidents sometimes come to the fore, and all kinds of natural disasters can lead to long power outages. Things like tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, lightning, hail and blizzard can cost hours or days at a time. Being forced to power outage or power outage is very difficult. Nowadays, we all rely on electricity, so even a …

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LED Parking lot light

LED Parking lot light

AL09 series — LED Parking lot light Scope of application: LED Shoebox light This series is suitable for a wide range, voltage range: AC120-277V/AC120-347V/AC277-480V, basically covers most of the world. Light effect of LED Parking lot light: The light effect design of the shoebox light 140-150lm maximizes the price/performance ratio of the product. The 100/150/200/300W power design is a perfect …

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HKTDC Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2019 (Autumn Edition)

Upcoming: HongKong International Lighting Fair Autumn Edition. Welcome warmly your visit. XSY sincerely invites you to visit the booth of the Hong Kong Lighting Fair. I look forward to your visit to our Shenzhen company after the exhibition! ! ! What is the HongKong exhibition? The Hong Kong International Light Show is a two-year light …

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